Rainbow Bash'd (XXX'd, #2) - K.A. Merikan Kat and Agnes Merikan are two authors I adore, they have a style of writing that totally belies all the warnings. You may think you are picking up a dark novel, with BDSM, humiliation, rape and non-con… and yes it is there, but Kyle and Dan are just two normal boys attending University and in their reality it’s a game, a sexual exploration and fantasy of their mutual inner most desires… don’t get me wrong, it is still DAMN HOT and these two ladies certainly excel at writing sex scenes but they also capture what is actually at the core of the relationship… trust and the ability to be honest with each other about a kink that to them is a sweet and intimate moment… they make the whole experience not about a perverse sexual act but about what’s in their hearts.


This is the second book in the XXX’d series, however don’t let that put you off as this is actually the prequel to Clown’d and could easily be read as a stand alone.  After reading the first book in the series, I was really wanted to know more about Kyle and Dan, their relationship and of course all the kinky activities they got up to, so I was all kinds of happy when I saw the ladies had delivered exactly that … taking us back to when the boys first met at University.

Kyle is the president of the University LGBT group, outwardly he appears to be the poster boy of the gay community… inside, an internal battle wages, he is totally hung up on how the world see’s him, convinced if he lets his guard down for a moment that  the depraved individual who wants to be overpowered and humiliated in his sexual fantasies will somehow become glaringly obvious… and he is ashamed and paranoid  that his secret will be out.

Kyle is smart and funny, with a wicked sense of humour and this side of him becomes apparent when Dan appears on the scene as a new member to the group. The first half of this book concentrates on their relationship, but really I felt this was Kyle’s journey and Dan was there to support him through it, helping him lose his inhibitions and finally trust someone enough to be honest about his inner most desires and not only with Dan but also with himself, and to stop trying to be the strong person he is expected to be and finally allow himself to be what his body craves… weak and controlled. But all of this is only during play as the rest of the time they are just two normal boys free of the constraints they are bound by when living at home, finding their way in the world and exploring  the sexual fantasies that come with every young man full of raging hormones, although probably not all are as adventurous as Kyle and Dan!

The second half of the book is the scene, the fantasy played out and Oh. My. God!!! I will say it again, these ladies write some damn hot kinky sex!… and I thought the first book was hot!  My appetite is well and truly salivating and I want more… NOW!!!

Kat and Agnes have delivered a story that is emotional and romantic, intensely erotic, sprinkled with a light dusting of humour all blended together perfectly! They totally endeared me to Kyle, I loved him and I could empathise and understand the turmoil in his heart. The only thing lacking for me was a little more on Dan, but I am hoping our two lovely authors will be concentrating on him for the next book as I am dying to get a nosy at all the depraved and naughty kink that is kicking around in his head!

Now having the foundations to this series I just want more… and longer, yes, definitely longer… with more Dan, oh yes… lots more Dan!!!

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