Dead Man and the Restless Spirits (Dead Man, #1) - Lou Harper

These two men are the perfect match for each other and their tale is most definitely one of opposites attract, we a have a veritable delight of paranormal beings, from ghost to witches and demons to vampires, each story had me captivated and linked seamlessly, and paced so we as readers absorbed enough information to keep reading and greedy for more!


After reading Spirit Sanguine and Dead Man and the Restless Spirits, it is abundantly clear that Lou Harper has a wicked sense of humour… she breathes life into Bran and Denton, and not only them but the whole supporting cast including a visit with Harvey and Gabe plus Bran's Mother, who in my opinion deserves a novella all to herself… I just loved her. We also meet Denton's business partner Joy who is smart and funny and especially intuitive when it comes to Denton, ohh and she looks like a pixie… so cute!

Dead Man and the Restless Spirits is three novellas within a book, personally I liked the format, it is like a television series, such as Law and Order or CSI, where each episode is a complete story, but the characters have an underlying plot, a thread that continues throughout the series… and this is the same, each plot is engaging, whilst the characters keep you intrigued to the end and Lou Harper paced the individual and the whole perfectly and her characterisation was excellent, she definitely gave both Denton and Bran distinct personalities, especially the audacious, fun and crazy, scrawny multi coloured sock wearer, with piercings, great humour and a witty dialog… Denton!

For me, Denton is the star here, we first meet him in Spirit Sanguine where he has the ability to feel the trace of death which leaves an imprint in time of the deceased's final moments… he can also see vampires and they refer to him as the “Dead Man”

Denton needs to find somewhere new to stay, and his business partner and friend Joy knows just the place, the only downside, the neighbour is a little creepy! Only Denton finds the man far from creepy, to him he is tall, dark and very handsome, definitely someone he would like to be better acquainted with, only his charms fall on deaf ears!

After Denton finds his neighbours furball of a cat making itself at home in his apartment, it gives him the perfect opportunity to go and knock on the illusive man's door… only to receive yet another cold welcome, but Denton is not one to be brushed off lightly and he continues to break down his defences… the poor man doesn't stand a chance! The fact that Denton is both intrigued and most definitely attracted to Mr. Tall, dark and handsome only spurs on his perseverance.

Denton’s gaydar had already sussed Bran was gay… so of course our not so shy and retiring Denton pulls out all the stops to make sure Bran could see exactly what he has to offer! But he becomes increasingly frustrated by Bran’s distant behaviour, Denton wants more than just a fumble, he wants an emotional attachment that Bran either doesn’t want to give or has no idea how… he is more interested in helping him become more knowledgeable about his gift/curse,  help him hone his skills and seems determined in that aspect at least.

“A necromancer is someone who has a special connection with the dead, who can communicate with them”“Communicate is stretching it. I can feel them.”“You’re untrained”“And how would I go about getting trained? Not something you can find in the Yellow Pages.”

Denton’s personality is infectious, he is an open book of emotions, yet Bran is like wading through treacle, only providing just enough information for your mind to start working overtime to figure out just what is behind that cool, calm and indifferent facade, the man has no social skills whatsoever… but that’s fine, because Denton more than makes up for it in spades!

“I can’t believe I got you in the sack at last” he said, nestling between Bran and the back of the couch. It was a warm and cozy spot, matching Denton’s mood.

It made me smile this journey I travelled with Bran and Denton, how their relationship developed, how they worked together to overcome the perceived obstacles on Bran’s part, to see the wall around his heart slowly crumble, through perseverance on Denton’s, we see the once stoically guarded man unravel and lose his self consciousness and insecurities and it is like watching the tight petals of a bud finally bloom. Their trust grows, accepting each others quirks to become comfortable and at ease. I laughed at Bran’s resistance to Denton and how the monosyllables at the beginning of book one turned into him actually cracking funnies by the end of three, and with Denton… well, he never wavers from his exuberant and fun personality, whose mouth runs at ten to the dozen and spends most of his time being horny!

This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

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