The Prisoner (Broken, #1)

The Prisoner (Broken, #1) - Kol Anderson
Because what doesn't kill you, can still leave you BROKEN

Holy Fuck!!! This is the type of book I love… something that gets the adrenaline spiking and the heart racing, Its dark, Intense, powerful, raw and gritty, one shit storm of emotion, never letting up and keeping you engrossed and ANGRY!!! A word to the wise, read the blurb, as there is no romance involved in this yet, and I say that hesitantly as this is the first book in a series that already has me hooked. The writing is not perfect, but neither is mine and I am certainly no literary expert, what I can tell you is that any niggles were completely overlooked as I was totally engrossed in what was happening and couldn't read this fast enough, it is compelling reading and getting to the end, I was gutted… I wanted more… NOW!!! …but it looks like yet another series that has me chomping at the bit and waiting for the next book.

Broken 1

This did remind me of another series I love, but this is different in that it’s not quite as polished, it’s a rough diamond and at times I felt detached from what was happening rather than being in there with Aaron, not always feeling his pain, more that I was angry at those causing it. Aarons abuse and torture is more physical than psychological, his abuser uses drugs plus violence and fear to control him and although it plays at the mind fuck game, I wasn’t feeling it, I felt it was really the addiction to the drugs that were controlling his mind.

There is almost so much going on here, I don’t quite know where to start, I feel the author packed a lot into this novella, and not a minute was wasted and we are pretty much thrown straight into the action with Aaron meeting Sebastian, his lover and one time client, an argument ensues and already I was getting ticked off with Sebastian who was pouting and sulking that Aaron was going to meet a new client, bearing in mind Sebastian is fully aware of Aarons occupation as a Male Escort and he himself has a boyfriend… Eric, who also happens to be cheating on Sebastian. Sounds confusing but in effect it was really well played by the author bringing in each characters POV with their scenes being played separately.

Vincent Greene is the client in question, 30ish, dark hair and eyes… and he’s HOT! However Vince is no normal client which soon becomes apparent to Aaron when he is attacked and drugged, waking up in a cell, alone and with no idea what the hell is going on… that is until Vince informs him that Aaron is just what he’s ordered, a prostitute, without friends or family, sold to him by the company he worked for and is now his property to do with as he pleases… and no one looking for him… or so he thinks!?!

So begins Aarons training which is relentless, he has no comprehension of the whys and wherefores of what is now his existence, all he knows is the solitude, pain, hurt, the feeling of being humiliated and dehumanised, he is beaten and abused, degraded and raped at the hands of sadists to the point where Aaron doesn't think he can survive, longing for death as an escape… instead he is fed a steady stream of drugs, becoming addicted and craving the small amount of peace he finds in his oblivion.

Vince is one sick fuck! to him, Aaron is a commodity, his property investment and he will manipulate him by any means necessary because for Vince it is all about the money, he is ruthless and desensitized to the hurt and pain of others, he has a job to do and his client wants a sweet young thing as a slave and he is willing to pay a high price to get exactly that and Vince will deliver, and he will break Aaron and have his big payday!!

Whilst all this is happening to poor Aaron, Sebastian and Eric are playing their own roles in the background. Sebastian, is weak and was really pissing me off for still sitting on the emotional fence, although he is actually worried and actively looking for Aaron, so that’s one redeemable quality. Eric is an arse and a selfish prick who has the cheek to feel disgruntled that Sebastian was having an affair when he himself is fucking countless anonymous male escorts… and then we have Vince, castration would be too good for this bastard! …or is he? Is there some humanity left in him? Mmm…  Kol Anderson has created some very unlikable characters, that got under my skin and caused all kinds of anxiety, frustration but above all anger, it was a white knuckle ride for me and my kindle!!! …and the only innocent in this whole sorry mess is the one person who is actually living a nightmare… Aaron, for him my heart was breaking with one particular scene bringing me to tears it was so gut wrenching and harrowing to see how lost he was. So we have three characters that had my blood boiling and one who had my heart breaking… and to evoke so much emotion from such a quick read, I feel the author is onto a winner and I am excited to see what comes next, in this series, and from the author.

This is debut from Kol Anderson and I know very little about the author, from reading the Facebook page it seems there will be more to offer and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next book in the Broken series will be out in July!?!

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