Fall Into the Sun (Alejo and Bobby, #1)

Fall Into the Sun - Val Kovalin 4.5 Stars for this is a beautiful and emotional recollection of the lives of two men over a thirty four year period seen through the eyes of our two MC’s Bobby and Alejo with evocative and poignant prose from Val Kovalin… I loved her writing, I was absorbed from the start and the time passed in a blur whilst reading this love story, I was filled with sadness but and at the same time hope and a sense of satisfaction that love prevails all.

Fall into the Sun

This book fills you with the warm and fuzzies, but also heartache and pain of what could have been. From the tender age of six these boys became the very best of friends… inseparable, they loved each other innocently and unconditionally and as they matured their love grew more intense, with puberty came passion and their love for each other morphed, encompassing the whole of them, they were soul mates, had grown up together and were meant to share the rest of their lives.

But for two Hispanic boys growing up in the 70s one from a respected and deeply religious Catholic family who lived his life to please his parents and the other who lived life by the seat of his pants, a father in prison, a mother who spent more time with a bottle of alcohol than her sons and two older brothers who took pleasure in abusing and bullying their youngest sibling. But when you are young and in love and without responsibility, the rest of the world pales into insignificance. That is until the pressures of adolescence and the unfamiliar emotions that come with it consume you and you are unable to contain or even understand the fear, jealousy, insecurities and responsibilities all become too much of a burden on such young shoulders, and like a disease they start to spread, destroying the love, leaving bitterness and rejection in it’s wake. Which heartbreakingly leaves two men whose love, despite circumstances had never waned spending 22 years apart and never quite feeling whole without the other.

As adults, I probably related more to Bobby with my emotions for him the strongest, I felt he was the injured party in all of this, I wanted him to be angry with Alejo, but his love was so strong he would forgive him anything, which for me was frustrating and at no time did he even feel bitterness towards the man he loved, where I was totally pissed at him. Instead, Bobby took the rejection and heartache and channelled it, focusing on a future and even this was for Alejo, he wanted him to see that he was more than the sum of his background and family and he wanted to be worthy… and throughout their separation his love never ceased, Alejo was always at the back of his mind and threw himself into his career and work to leave him little time to reflect on what could have been.

I wanted Alejo to man up, take control of his life and grow a pair, it seemed as though he spent his whole life enabling those that continue to take without giving in return, kowtowing to his Mother, who in my opinion had spent her life being selfish, admittedly she had been a woman scorned and when Alejo’s Father died he was the one responsible for his Mother, so he had rejected his one love for the sake of the family and married their best friend Eugenia. I liked her, she was a strong character, and even though he had loved her, he did her an injustice as it was never on the same level as Bobby. They are blessed with twins and they become his life, the Daughter, loved her, she is straight and to the point, with a mature and sensible head on her shoulders, but the Son, Carlos, he needed a firm hand and he wasn’t getting that from Alejo… As an honourable man he takes pride in his responsibilities but all at the expense of his own happiness.

There is a lot of soul searching from both characters as they look back and reminisce on the events that had brought them to where they are today and I loved this journey with Bobby and Alejo, I was desperate for them to at last find the happiness they both deserve. Val Kovelin in Fall Into The Sun brings us two very believable and well developed characters and her writing is excellent and she endeared me to these two strong willed men, evoking emotions in me from anger to sadness to happiness and everything in between. The ending was both fitting and beautiful… this is a fabulous book and I highly recommend reading it, and I can't wait to have another visit with Bobby and Alejo when Reach for the Moon is released on the 10th June.

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