Every Move He Makes

Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg 4.5 SUPER SEXY, ACTION FILLED STARS!!! Compelling reading from Barbara Elsborg that had me engrossed in the action right from the start… throw in some humour and sex that was off the charts on the hotness and emotional scale… and this was an excellent novel… my first from Ms Elsborg but most definitely not my last!!

Every move 6

Before my love of everything m-m romance, my reading passion was crime thrillers… and I devoured the best sellers list for my fix. Very rarely since reading m-m have I found an author that can combine the two genres. The same cannot be said for Every Move He Makes, Barbara Elsborg has combined the two perfectly. We know who the villain of the piece is, more or less from the start, so there is no mystery there, but there was plenty of action and our two MC’c are right in the middle of it.  From the start, there is not an awful lot to love about these two characters… Logan is cold hearted but that is his way of dealing with things and Zak, well… he is just a mess and not very likeable at all… but it didn’t take long before we got to the real characters beneath all the bravado and I fell hook line and sinker for both of them, there was great chemistry between these two and not just in the sex department, there was banter and humour that had me totally laughing out loud and I seemed to be highlighting all the way through this book… I just LOVED IT!!

“Why would someone want to kill you?” Logan asked.He shrugged. “I piss most people off sooner or later. Usually sooner.”“To the point they’d shoot you down in a London street?”“I can be very annoying.”

Josh McKenna was dead to the world and his family, in his place was Logan… with a new face and identity to go with his new name. Always a loner due to his self imposed isolation now he really was alone with only his focus, single minded determination  and control which had so far sustained him and kept him alive. Any loss of control for Logan would be deemed as a failure, and with a highly competitive streak that was never an option, neither was any emotional involvement.


Having been beaten to within an inch of his life after working undercover for MI6 he is now asked to return to his original mission to infiltrate the gang that had been responsible for his near miss with death. His in, was Zak Kochenkov, the son of a Russian businessman, however, everything is not as it seems and after taking the position as Zak’s bodyguard Logan fears that there really is someone out to kill the the jumped up, arrogant, ungrateful shite the world would be better off without!


“I told you I’m not an addict.” He crammed a slice of tomato into his mouth and chewed furiously. “Though I do need a lot of sex.”


Zak Kochenkov, once the darling of the Russian pop scene, now lived a life of lies, drugs, drink and abusing his body into any kind of oblivion which kept reality at bay.  On the run, they only have each other and Logan needed to know more about Zak in order to help, him but what he learned was of a lonely boy wanting nothing more than the love of a Mother that had no time for him and a Father who did love him unconditionally but was a busy business man with little time for his son. So Zak had just become an angry young man who played up for attention but really deep down he just wanted to be loved.


He’d been kind to him in the bathroom, not shouted, and apart from his father, Zak couldn’t think of the last time anyone had been kind to him, because he didn’t let them get that close.


Looking deep inside the psyche of these two characters, really they are no different, both lost and lonely souls damaged by childhoods that should have been filled with love and affection yet they had both been starved… each of them having found different ways of dealing with it. Zak the playboy lifestyle as a pop star, fuelled by sex, drugs and alcohol and Logan had turned his internally and used it as a control to focus his discipline. Both men wanting to be noticed but for different reasons. Now, they both feel a connection between them, something neither of them had experience with. For Zak sex had been a means to an end a good hard fuck and ride the high on release… no talking, no kissing, no touching, no intimacy whatsoever. For Logan letting go of any emotion he knew would be his undoing… he was a control freak and losing control… No, that would never happen!


Logan knocked his hand off. “And I’m too broken to fix so don’t try. Don’t tell me you love me or any of that crap because I’m not lovable.”


Now both men had opened their hearts and shared a part of themselves that had never seen the light of day, leaving them feeling naked and vulnerable to emotions they were struggling to come to terms with, the coldness in both of them had been filled with warmth and the passion and sensuality between them was intense, and the chemistry and sexual desire… well, that left me in a puddle of lust, these two were hot!!!

  Every move 4


Logan pulled him close and pressed his forehead against Zak’s, their breaths mingling. “Make me come undone,” he whispered. “Undo me. Unravel me.”


Barabra Elsborg certainly gave us two characters that had unknowingly embarked on a voyage of discovery… pushing away their selfishness to consider another and giving them both the will to live rather than exist… all the time embroiled in the action of being on the run from the bad guys trying to kill them, mix that in with the humour and you have an excellent read I would highly recommend to anyone enjoying this genre in m-m romance. My only grumble, would be Logan’s battle with his conscience over his feelings for Zak, he just seemed to go backwards and forwards like a yo-yo and as a reader it was probably just one too many times… and for Zak, the poor boy didn’t know whether he was coming or going. But other than that, I loved this book.

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