Trick (Master's Boys #1)

Trick - Patricia Logan Patricia Logan has just signed me up for six books that I can see becoming my guilty pleasure!


This book has left me all of a quandary, because I loved it and hated it both at the same time, the concept is great but the content is all wrong! I was totally engaged with the characters, Trick is an adorable innocent and Phoenix the all powerful Dom and I liked him, when really, I should actually hate him… the problem being - was Trick only swapping one evil for another?… see …confused!!

Trick, who’s real name is Wade was thrown out of house and home at the age of 14 for being gay, which led him to living on the streets and selling his body for food… four years later, he is tired and used up, pitiful and lost, huddling in a doorway from the rain with his whole being shouting “help me” so when Phoenix spots him by chance, he stops. Trick is streetwise, he has had to be just to survive, but there was such a vulnerability to him that screamed sub that it pulled at Phoenix's heart strings and knowing full well what it is like to be homeless his empathy kicks in and he is compelled to help him!

Trick is confused, he thinks Phoenix is just a John that wants to fuck him like everyone else, he is a whore after all and a John never spent more than the required time with him, let alone speak to him… and conversations and buying him food… nope that never happened either! Phoenix is all well meaning and cares deeply for Trick and that is what he should have explained to a boy that would obviously hero worship him because of his kindness, a boy that would fall in love with him but not think himself worthy of being loved, so we have a whole lot of communication issues right there to start with!

So you can imagine, my heart is breaking for Trick, he is alone in the world, having survived without love or comfort and the mundane things in life we all take for granted, he himself had never experienced and just being normal was something he wanted to hold onto even if it was only for a short while.

Phoenix works for DOMZ.COM which is an online BDSM site where members can watch live scenes being played out, and when at play he is Master P, There is a whole compound with lots of space and rooms with various Masters that work for Master Z, Zachary Teak the owner and the Dom of local Cop Ryan Cassidy. If my understanding is correct the premise of this series is taking boys who are gay and fallen on hard times and giving them hope and love… there are six books in the series and I can see them all being subs paired with a suitable Dom.

Now, my head is telling me that this is all so wrong, taking boys and offering them a life in the BDSM/Porn scene screams of taking advantage of their vulnerability, and it is also convenient that Trick is a sub but had to be enlightened to the fact and in real life I would be appalled, there are issues regarding trust not discussed and Trick was never really given any choices in his future.  But… this is fiction and I read some pretty dark books that I even shock myself with… and in fiction I want the MC’s to find love and I want Trick to be cherished… because if anyone needs it, it’s him and I also think that Phoenix is that man but alas we have no HEA in this book, we do have some BDSM scenes which were sizzling and HAWT! and Phoenix is droolworthy in his leather and buzzed hair, so if this is your thing and like me you can can see this series as a guilty pleasure and dispel reality then you will enjoy this book. If not, then don’t read this book!

Ms Logan writing, certainly kept me turning the pages and wanting more, I was totally engrossed and compelled to read it, even downloading the next book as soon as I had finished, wanting to know more, I did however feel at times the conversations between the characters were a little stilted and didn’t flow, they just felt uncomfortable somehow, and there were some editing issues, but as you can see I was totally invested in the characters and I want them to find happiness and my heart was just about broken for Trick… onto Jett now!

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