Let's Hear it for the Boy

Let's Hear it for the Boy - T.A. Webb I want to shout from the roof tops to implore people to READ THIS powerful, emotional and remarkably moving story by the incredibly talented T.A Webb. Another book from Tom where a 5 star review would be an insult!


Pain is like rain. it covers your skin and soaks in bone-deep, but it eventually recedes and allows fresh things to grow

If I tell you this book is profoundly moving with the most beautiful, heartfelt, eloquent and evocative prose I have ever had the pleasure to read in a short story that wouldn't even begin to describe my experience with Tom Webb’s truly incredible Literary skills. I have sat and tried to write a coherent review for this book for a few days now and each time I think about the two characters the tears start to flow again. After reading this I was so moved by their story I just cried and couldn’t stop… My husband was convinced I had lost the plot with my sniveling, you should have seen me trying to explain it was because of a book! My kids just rolled their eyes and my son tried to give me a hug which just set me off all over again! My friend and blog partner Becs had her ears battered and more sniffling and senseless ramblings, and even though she doesn’t read m-m she is under strict instructions to read it and threat of severe pain if she doesn't get a wriggle on!

Matthew Trammell is a Drag Queen, but definitely not your normal Drag Queen and not in the least bit effeminate with his deep voice, goatie, bald head and perfect in his 6ft 2” muscular frame. For 30 years he has been an active member in the gay community of Atlanta as a fund raiser for HIV/AIDs Charities. And when journalist Paul Stewart asks him why he is so committed to the cause… Matthew took him back to 1984.

This is best read without description of events, it should be read as I read it with your mind a blank canvas before starting. But I will tell you it is a love story that transcends time, a love that's so unconditional and selflessly given in it’s purest form that no matter what life throws at it, it can never taint the innocence it was founded on, that kind of emotion cannot be damaged by the unfairness of the paths life has in store for it.

There is so much within this short that resonated for me on so many levels from my own youth, that in a way it connected me even more to this story. The glitter, glitz and glamour of the 80’s, Disco Diva’s and dance floor magic, and larger than life characters, even the romance novelist Rosemary Rogers got a mention, books I remember devouring as a teenager for her swashbuckling hero’s and swooning heroines, the movie Footloose and the music from that film that had me up on the dance floor strutting my own stuff to Denise Williams’s Let’s hear it for the Boy and also Anita Baker’s album Rapture which I too played on a loop.

Let’s hear it for the boy ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnuYhFRYbAw
and Sweet Love by Anita Baker ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=5Y9DYGiDL1o are the perfect sound track to this short story.

Lets hear it for the boy

I often have to wonder why some m-m authors don’t get the credit they are due for their immense talent, before ebooks I devoured the top shelf of the best sellers list for my fix and many of those authors do not hold a candle to the talent in the m-m genre and Mr Webb is just such an author. There is no visual stimulus yet Tom Webb can paint a picture with his words that could knock any Old Master from his pedestal. There is more depth of emotion and feeling than you can get from any Hollywood A lister with their acting skills. The Key here is WORDS and Mr Webb… for me you are a Master that sits on the highest pedestal of them all.

Be warned you will need tissues!!!

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