Fitting In

Fitting In - Silvia Violet Two hot cops and a nerd… should be a winner for me?!?

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Firstly I have to say, that cover is just awful and I am glad the images in my head were not of the cover models!

Mason is a Star Trek geek and a bit of a nerd, after being disowned by his family for being gay, something they thought of as a phase and an inconvenience, he was forced to work in a bar, his priority in life was to go back to college, get his degree in chemistry and move onto grad school.

Mason had never been good with relationships and hitting the club scene or anonymous sex had no appeal to him whatsoever. He was shy and a bit of a loner, not particularly forthcoming, so when two gorgeous cops come into the bar asking questions about a recent speight of robberies in the area,  his mind was more interested in the hot cops and working overtime with every sexual fantasy with them in the starring role flashing through his mind, than concentrating on answering their questions.

Jack and Gray, lived and worked together and being cops were cautious about revealing their relationship not because they were embarrassed but because of the problems it would cause them in their working lives. Both men are attracted to Mason and they want him, but Mason has reservations, he had previously been  burned in a threesome which had ended badly but he just cannot get the lustful intentions out of his head.

Jack and Gray take matters into their own hands as Mason is never going to make the first move, and these three men together were smouldering, and Mason was overwhelmed by his emotions, the sensual pleasure and sexual tension was all encompassing, he could barely breath with the intensity of it all and Jack and Gray just consumed him. He shared something with them he had never before experienced a sense of freedom and belonging, he felt cherished but his longing for more seemed futile. Mason could see in their eyes the obvious love they had for each other something he had never had from anyone and Mason had fallen hook line and sinker, he was head over heels in love and scared senseless, he feels like the interloper and they couldn't possibly feel the same way, after all they were a couple!?!

This book kept me turning the pages and the sex between these three was definitely cold shower material! The plot was thin on the ground and predictable, no great shakes there. The characters I found a bit one dimensional, maybe because we only had Masons POV so we never get an insight into the minds of Gray and Jack, only Masons observations and for me it was hard to distinguish between the two of them which effected the dynamics of the threesome. Gray was the Dom but sometimes needed to be a sub, Jack a switch but seemed more Dom material to me and Mason, well, he is definitely a sub! We also go down the lack of communication route, tortured soul, lost loves, heartbreak and desolation with the sweet times occasionally bordering on sickly for my tastes.

Over all this was an easy read with some fabulous sex scenes but not too much else to grab my attention I liked it but didn’t love it. The BDSM is not hard core just a bit of tying up and spanking so if you need an easy titillating read then this is perfect.

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