Ties that Bind (Men of Honor, #3)

Ties that Bind (Men of Honor, #3) - S.E. Jakes I love this series, and despite this being a short it certainly met and exceeded my expectations.

Glen Rhodes stumbles upon a BDSM website at the age of 17, making him realise that what he wants/needs is to be a submissive, which he eventually finds through John, ex CIA, much older and an experienced Dom.

When John dies, Glen is at a loss both mentally and physically for years without a Dom, unable to trust anyone enough to let them in.........Until, one night when he returns to the Leather Club where he initially met John.

There he meets Derek........Both of them lonely and looking for a part of themselves that had been missing for so long.

OMG...The interaction between Glen and Derek was so intense, it left me holding my breath in anticipation (I did breath eventually....:). Derek is so considerate of Glen who is reluctant to let himself go and take on a new Dom. He understands Glen and knows how to give him the love.....and Kink he is so desperate for, not pushing him too hard, so he is again able to trust in someone again.

Their connection is palpable from the beginning.

I would have loved this to have been longer but it gives you enough background information to connect with the characters and to understand how they got the were they are.

Next one is out in June.....bring it on!!!! can't wait:):):