The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander 4.5 STARS ~ This book is an excellent love story, where even the most hardened heart and disillusioned soul can find the romantic streak hidden deep within and see it blossom into something neither thought possible. I fell in love with the author, her writing and the characters… just go read it!!!

Gage & Trent

Want to know who the author was dreaming of whilst writing… Ryan McPartlin and William Levy… PERFECT CHARACTERISATION!

This book was a recommendation and I will be forever thankful for being introduced to this very talented author… so I would like to share the love and wholeheartedly recommend this book… you get great character development, it is laugh out loud funny in parts, there are two smart and cute children that are not just a token gesture, secondary characters that bring life to the story, some very hot, intense and steamy man loving, hilarious text messaging, scenes that will move you to tears and a twist at the end that I never saw coming, throwing a little angst and action in too… Plus an epilogue that will melt your heart and rounded it all up in a complete and wonderful package… yes, I LOVED THIS BOOK!

One man totally grounded and committed to looking after his niece and nephew and the other, a man whore, driven by success and never turns away from something he wants. Two very different characters, yet there is no denying their attraction. The Current Between Us… Perfect title for this book as there is an underlying sizzling sexual chemistry between these two, that practically set my Kindle on Fire!

It had been four years since the tragic death of Trent Cooper’s sister, in that time he had played the perfect father to his sisters children, Em and Hunter. They were the centre of his universe, he couldn't possibly love them more, and caring and providing for the two little people that had become his life had never been a chore, for him it was a joy and a privilege and also a responsibility never taken lightly. Oh… He had once been that guy, where meaningless and anonymous sex and nights clubbing were the norm but as a single parent, those days were long gone, along with his sex and social life now non existent and as a father he also needs to be disciplined, has to be, he wants to make a success of his electrical contracting business without it encroaching on the valuable time he has with the kids. The first thing that hits you about Trent is just how caring and compassionate he is, he has a big heart and loves the children dearly, and although he has Aunty Crazy and Rhonny the live in Nanny who are his support network and friends, he is incredibly lonely and misses his sister who was also his best friend.

Gage Synclair is an investigative photojournalist, he has spent years in the poorest of countries bringing the world stories that have hit the headlines for their tough, no holds barred, dangerous revelations. He is now working on his last story, the pinnacle of his career, one which he has ploughed thousands of his own money into making and the expose will hit several countries hard including the U.S, bringing a man who had committed atrocious and nefarious acts to justice. The timing has to be perfect to coincide with the opening of his new gallery and hopefully launch a new career as a desk broadcaster for one of the large networks.

Trent luckily picks up a new job, one that will hopefully help him build his business and it just so happens to be Gage’s Gallery. Now Trent is familiar with Gage… as the man is his freakin hero, he is totally in awe of him and has a copy of every report he has ever made, but not only that, meeting Gage was making his body react in ways definitely not suitable for a construction site and certainly not in front of the man himself! And Gage is no better… he is driving himself crazy with his attraction and fantasies of Trent… and the whole thing was baffling him, how could he be? Trent is a married man with children, or so he thinks!

Gage wrapped himself around Trent, sliding his hands up under his suit jacket, pulling Trent fully against his body. The kiss was hot, but tender, and went on for several long minutes. Both were rigidly hard, brushing their cocks against one another. It was the most erotic kiss of his life and Gage had had some kisses. Never had one turned him on like this stolen kiss in a darkened neighborhood of a Chicago suburb. He wanted this man. God, he wanted him badly, but he wanted Trent long term. The thought of wanting this man for many years to come stunned him and made him feel like a happily drowning man.

I love the journey Kindle Alexander takes us on with these two boys, we see them grow emotionally before our eyes and our initial impressions are dispelled as they both open their hearts for the first time. Our first glimpse of Gage is that of a selfish man, ambitious, driven, a hard ass no nonsense type of guy, wanting the best and demanding it, with a string of nameless one night stands in his wake and certainly doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies. But Gage is an all or nothing kinda guy… when he wants something he goes for it, and he has never wanted anything more than he wants Trent! Trent that had stolen his heart... his sentiment and courting was a little on the saccharine side of sweet, but for a man that had previously been an egotistical arse, all these feelings were new and holding himself back was not an option… he was like a lovesick teenager and this was his first love and he just couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t just Trent either, Em and Hunter also pulled something from deep within and watching this transformation of Gage, made my heart melt. There is no past trauma in Gage’s life that had hardened his heart to love… he had just never been receptive to it and it was cute seeing him realise just how much he wanted to be part of Trent’s life and family.

Trent had been so immersed in caring for Em and Hunter he had lost a part of himself along the way, he had previously been fun loving and flirty, now he was a man lacking in confidence in the dating department, despite the best efforts of Rhonny and Aunty Crazy. He has reservations about the whole dating scenario, it is obvious that Gage has money, and lot’s of it and they were poles apart in the social standings and getting involved with Gage would only bring heartache… only his heart isn’t listening and he hadn’t realised what he had been missing… Gage gave him confidence, made him feel good about himself, and Trent is so unassuming, he has no idea that men find him attractive, he is totally oblivious, however Gage is only too aware of Trent's charisma and it made me smile just how effusive he is… overwhelmed with how full his heart is, he loves Trent and that in itself is a revelation, for the first time he is considerate of someone else’s feelings and he will do whatever it takes to keep him and his family in his life.

These two men are combustible together and Kindle Alexander certainly didn’t skimp on the sex scenes… OH NO!!! The passion between them was intense, erotic and heart poundingly… HOT, leaving me in a puddle of lust! They both connected on a level neither thought possible… their desire consumed them, but it was so much more than sexual attraction, everything fit and the chemistry was palpable!

Just when you think everything is going to end all hearts and flowers, there is a bombshell that is dropped, which threatens to throw not only the romance but Trent's whole life apart, I have to admit I never saw it coming and the connection is there as plain as day throughout the book. I was pissed off at Gage’s actions and my heart was breaking for Trent, but it was a thrilling addition to the story and certainly had my blood boiling! But what transpires, more than makes up for it and the epilogue was just Aww Bless!

Highly recommended read... what are you waiting for, get a wriggle on and discover for yourself what a great book it is!

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