Bite Me Tender - Kate Lowell Kate Lowell is a new author and with Bite Me Tender, she has drawn me in and has me totally invested in the two very delicious characters she has created in Glyn and Levi... and I just adored them, two men who so obviously love each other. The writing seemed effortless and flowed smoothly with the intensity building slowly. This is a story fraught with inner turmoil, conflict and tension, with an underlying thread of danger and element of mystery that runs throughout, a whole heap of craziness and some laugh out loud snarky banter and humour between our two MC’s that I LOVED!

Bite Me Tender

Glyn is a witch, untrained and with no control over the gift he has inherited, he also has no confidence in himself or his ability. To function on a daily basis he needs order, which borders on OCD, desperately trying to hold onto the tentative grasp he has on his sanity. In his eyes the only way to complete his power as well as being with the man he loves is by Levi changing him to a werewolf, only problem is… it’s not working, and Levi is consumed with guilt over the scars that already cover Glyn’s body from their failed attempts.

Levi should really be Alpha, but he doesn’t fully trust himself and the wolf within and doubts his ability to lead the pack, so when Glyn and Levi returned from New York the decision was made that the pack would benefit from the democracy of a pack council and it is that very council, that now put their love and happiness at risk.

The pack need more male wolves, due to the threat of McCourt, a power hungry Alpha out for blood, encroaching on their territory and with Levi being strong and having previous successes… and unmarried, it seems he is the only choice… in the councils eyes! They also see Levi and Glyn as an infertile couple as Levi has so far been unable to complete the change in Glyn… the fact they love each other and have been together for the last four years is of no consequence to them… they need new blood and they have the ideal candidate… Connor!

Glyn is devastated, witches don’t share, bringing another into their relationship, even for the sake of the pack is more than his heart can bear… all of this compounding Glyn’s insecurities… feeling rejected with no place in the human, wolf or witch world, and I could feel his hurt and pain. The very same emotions mirrored in Levi, and I could also understand his conflict between his love for Glyn and the safety of the pack… he doesn’t want to lose Glyn and neither does his wolf  but he is an honourable man, aware of his responsibilities.

I felt this novella was a chapter in the lives of Glyn and Levi, and what a chapter it was! …as I am left chomping at the bit for more… I want to know their past, how they came to be? How they met? …and the events that transpired to make them into the men we see now, I want to know about Glyn’s crazy family, mostly Gram! …and why he has no control over his gift? OMG …there were so many things touched on but not yet fully explained or developed!

And don’t get me started on what there is to come… I want to know about Glyn and his power, where Conner is going to fit in… as that gate was sure as hell left wide open! Oh… and Bryan, I really want to know about him too, mainly because I want to see him get a punch right on the end of his smarmy nose …he really pissed me off! The Pack Council, not completely convinced with them, firstly they rubbed me up the wrong way with their manipulation of Levi… and also when they needed a show of strength it was Levi they turned to!

I have to say, it’s not clear in the blurb that this is part of a series and had it been a standalone I would have been disappointed with all the unanswered questions, now I know we will be seeing a whole lot more of Glyn and Levi…. that makes me very happy!

There is a lot to like about this book, and plenty to get excited about for the series… Kate Lowell made me care about these characters, get emotional about them and desperate to know more, not only the two MC’s but also secondary characters, both in a good and bad way, and yes that includes Conner… who I have to say I actually felt sorry for by the end. I loved Gram, she brought the pages to life and produced a nice little twist. And… The boys, when not in the grips of conflict, were in the throes of passion which quite frankly had me squirming in my seat, especially Levi when he got all growly and Alpha… that man is HOT!

Highly recommend and a great start to a series!

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