Beyond Duty - S.J.D. Peterson 5 HUGE STARS ~ EXCELLENT, AMAZING and just SO DAMN GOOD!!! …I can’t even begin to explain just how much I loved this book… Two growly Alpha Males who also happen to be Marines, this book made me SooOoo HAPPY!

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SJD Peterson has done it yet again and WOWED me with two characters that so completely took over my heart and mind for the duration… these two strong alpha males are men you will not forget in a hurry. Her writing and characterisation always seems to draw me in and I connect with them, I suppose some authors just touch us more than others, but for me she brings her characters to life and creates unforgettable men, people I want to know… and in my mind they become real, as far as I am concerned that is a gift and SJD Peterson has it in spades!

At the heart of Beyond Duty, the story of Mac and Gunny, is friendship, but most of all love, its very being… is love, soul deep, unconditional, undisputable, passionate, heart-warming… A love that cannot and will not be diminished by any stupid laws and bigotry, a love that has lasted for over 22 years… I felt it, touched it, and basked in it. I want to be part of their lives, I want phone calls and emails on how they are doing, I just don’t want to be parted from them, because the love they have for each other truly touched me and left me starry eyed… YES, I fell utterly and totally head over heels for Mac and Gunny.

Every aspect of their lives and relationship had for so long not only been dictated by the Military, but also the ridiculous and unfair DADT Law, (quite frankly I have no idea how it ever came to be, it sounds like some rule in a kids playground game!) now with the reprieve of the law and their retirement imminent their very existence and everything they have known for the last 22 years is thrown into uncertainty.

Throughout Gunny’s career as a Gunnery Sergeant he was a man in control, fierce and in charge, yet with Mac all he wanted was to let go of it all and give that control and power over to the only man he ever trusted implicitly. Mac made him fly, forget and find that place inside him where only peace existed, and Ohhh how he yearned to please his lover… give that part of him that no one else had ever seen, he belonged to Mac, loved him, and was scared shitless that with their retirement looming Mac would no longer need Gunny and that prospect was more than he could bare, he trusted Mac with his life but the doubt churning up his insides was clouding his judgement and he was afraid to tell Mac exactly how he felt.

Retirement for Mac was the promise of endless days and nights together, to spend the rest of his life with his best friend, lover and boy, just the thought of it made him heady… his excitement for their future together involved marriage, and their retirement ceremony in the company of family and friends was just the beginning of wanting to make a commitment to the man that had had his heart from their first day at boot camp. All he needed to do now was let Gunny in on his plans.

These two men complement each other in every way, whilst they are both cocky, big hard ass Marines, full of banter that had me laughing out loud, they are also sensitive, caring and considerate and I like that SJD showed this vulnerable side of two men that could put anyone in their place with just a glance. Mac is a larger than life character, a possessive growly marine, a joker, full of life, enthusiasm and optimistic about the future, but he is also a realist, he is aware of the bigotry of others but hiding his love for his big brute of a man, is no longer an option… public displays of affection is what he wants, well that and a lifetime of morning cuddles and blowjobs! Gunny is more reserved, a worrier, both of them have been in the closet for 22 years and coming out to family and friends fills him with trepidation, especially when the realisation of their true feelings for the past 22 years has only just hit him head on, but Mac as always, is there to ground him and take away his self-inflicted torment.

For the most part though Mac and Gunny act like a couple of overgrown school boys and I loved this side to their relationship, Mac and his pouting and Gunny with his grumpiness only endeared them to me more… they are human with all the faults and frailties that come with it, and they have the kind of love that some of us can only dream of but it wasn’t an easy road for them, coming out to their parents, their own emotional struggles, dealing with Mac’s arse of a brother and Gunny’s indifferent parents all combined to make their relationship stronger and if possible their love only became more intense and believe me together they were combustible and just left me in a puddle of lust, tingling from head to toe, two alpha males and lots of hard and heavy sex, hell… I was growling!

These two had me laughing, crying, but mostly damn happy and… they got their HEA, Mac’s declaration of love for Gunny had me blubbering along with the speech at the retirement ceremony, and the end… not only was I crying ugly tears at the beautiful ending but I also felt bereft, I didn’t want to leave them, I wanted MORE!!! SJD Peterson has left us with an opening and I am hoping it is the possibility of Mac and Gunny exploring the BDSM side to their relationship that has only so far been skirted on, I will beg if I have to!

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