An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells I couldn't possibly give this book any less than 5 stars… the bloody thing had me up all night!


This book is compelling reading, I was totally engrossed and had me hooked from the start, the characterisation is excellent… Leo is perfect, not only as the big bad dom who certainly conjures all kinds of naughty thoughts in my head… but also as a man that is fallible and vulnerable.  Alex… I just wanted to wrap in in my arms and hug him, every nuance and idiosyncrasy was clear to me and I wanted to hold his hand and reassure him, let him know that everything would be okay. It’s not just limited to the two MC’s, the secondary characters were also fully fleshed out and with it being the first in a series from the Collars and Cuffs world it excites me that I will also be seeing more from them. The pacing is perfect, the relationship is a journey and there were no quick fixes here it was a slow build which delivered the perfect ending, it wasn’t an easy road and the main protagonists made mistakes along the way and I was certainly shaking my fist at Leo a couple of times… but I LOVED IT!

K.C. Wells has delivered a BDSM novel that is believable… it felt real, and based in UK our two MC’s had lives I could relate to, it may be BDSM, but it’s not hard core, it’s a beautiful romance which is voyage of discovery for young Alex and a re awakening for Leo but the foundations of their relationship are built on getting to know one another outside of that world, where we see their hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties, watch their feelings develop and grow without the distractions of the lifestyle. Yes, it does become a fundamental part of the relationship but that is not what it is based on. What I liked about this book was that, for me it was a fresh approach,  It was like looking at the BDSM world through new eyes, where Alex’s knowledge is limited to BDSM novels and the internet and he has no idea what it is that excites him, in fact the feelings it evokes scares the living daylights out of him so he buries it in his mind fearful of his own reactions.  Leo’s watches Alex from afar, what he see’s is a boy so painfully shy he is unable to make eye contact, so nervous he becomes clumsy and so timid he finds it hard to speak, but it is Alex’s vulnerability that draws him in, he see’s something in the boy he wants to protect and nurture but his initial reaction is not all about seeing the submissive in him, instead he see’s Alex as someone he would like to date, get to know and for Leo this is a revelation in itself.

Leo Hart is a confident man with an air of authority that is commanding, he owns a BDSM club with his business partner Thomas, although since the death of Gabe, two years previous, who had been his sub for six years, his interest has been perfunctory at best, grieving, lost in the stifling oppressiveness of it, not even noticing men, never mind being interested in them. But at a business meeting with Thomas at a local restaurant he finds that the shy waiter who was unable to look him in the eye has sparked something within him he’d thought lost, never to be re kindled.

Alex Daniels is a student recently returned home from uni, working at Severino’s trying to earn enough money to move out of the house which to him has never been a home, where he is starved of the love and affection from the two people that should envelope him in it,  plus he has a brother who in my mind is a little shit and takes sibling rivalry to the point of bullying. Alex is socially awkward and lacks self confidence, he is a loner, who hates confrontation….  his only two friends and confidants Emily and Dave are the only one's aware that he is gay and a virgin, so dating someone is not an experience he relishes, particularly when that man comes in the form of Mr Hart a customer whose mere presence throws him into a state of panic, makes him nervous, tongue tied and self conscious.

For all Leo’s confidence, it had been eight years since he had asked anyone on a date and the experience was nerve wracking, I liked that we saw this side to him, that it wasn't just Alex that was vulnerable.  Alex… bless him, is like a deer in headlights unable to utter words never mind make a decision, his mind and body so at odds with each other, however Leo recognises this and taking control is second nature for him and Alex’s relief the decision was made for him, immediately put him at ease.

“Want to let me decide where we go?” Leo asked

Alex nodded fervently. God, yes.“Okay then, I’ll book us a table for your day off next week, that all right?”

More fervent nods. Alex might just as well have worn a sign saying “Make decisions for me and I’ll agree to anything you say”

Leo in the beginning nurtures Alex, helps him explore his sexuality without rushing or forcing the issue, it was tender, sweet, yet still passionate and Alex felt protected and above all, he felt cherished. Watching Leo tentatively take care of Alex, willing to wait for him to learn to love him, living in hope, was both heart warming and heart breaking, as the alternative for him… life without Alex, well, the thought was unbearable. For all his commanding presence and self assured nature, with Alex he was a man unsure, lost to the overwhelming emotion he felt for this boy that had stolen his heart.

Leo gives Alex a confidence he has never had, helping him discover his true nature and understand what it was about him he had labelled “different” not wanting to even open the box he had it firmly locked in, not realising what it was and hadn’t dared to even take a peek. Being Leo’s submissive opened the floodgates to give him the freedom to lose his inhibitions, to be the person that had been hiding in that box and the frightened timid boy has at last found himself in the arms of his master.

Alex opened his eyes and looked directly at Leo-and Leo caught his breath. Alex had never looked so beautiful and so at peace as he did in that one perfect moment, made even more perfect when his face broke into a smile. “Oh Sir.” His words were uttered almost as a prayer. “Thank you, Sir”

Leo gazed down at his boy. Falling in love? Who was he kidding? He’d already fallen. Hook, line and sinker.

We get the perspective from both characters and of course we can see what’s going on, both men are hopelessly in love with each other but scared to voice what is in their hearts… thankfully they have some great friends who can also see it and take it upon themselves on more than one occasion to knock their heads together! The bond of friendship in this book between Leo and Thomas is undeniable… K.C. Wells captured it perfectly, for Thomas, Leo’s well being always comes before the club, he is a true friend and I loved him… He is also the epitome of a Master Dom.  Together, Alex and Leo were combustible, Alex may have been a virgin but he was a fast learner and their scenes together were damn HOT! …and there is a lot of squirmy, panty melting sex in this too, which I certainly wasn’t complain about.


Leo and Thomas

Watching Alex grow from the painfully shy boy lacking in confidence into a man comfortable in his own skin, sure of his sexuality, so full of joy at being his masters boy… and seeing Leo, lose the shackles of grief and find not only love again but the man that had been lost to it was just beautiful. K.C. Wells has opened up a new world and given me two characters I fell in love with, her writing cannot be described as anything other than excellent, I saw the whole story perfectly unfold in my minds eye and I can’t wait to get back there for a visit.

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