Horn Gate - Damon Suede I love Damon Suede and Hot Head is still one of my most favourite books and Paranormal, again a genre I enjoy… so by rights this should have been an excellent read… but unfortunately at times it felt as though it was above my level of intellect and left me confused!!!

2.5 stars

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This book is a hard one for me to review, there was so much promise and in parts I loved it and was completely wrapped up in the action, the writing was just exquisite at times, rolling beautifully from one sentence to the next, the subject matter not quite so beautiful but the descriptive prose put me right there with Isaac,  It almost becomes a Dan Brown paranormal mystery-thriller involving a human and a sex demon, where there is intrigue and a race against time to find the answers Isaac needs from the Of Mizzikim an old book of Hebrew mythology… to open the gate and save Scratch, and this is where I lost pace with the book, purely, because the novella length didn’t give me as a reader enough time to decipher the clues and language, Hebrew, I am not familiar with and the interaction between Isaac and Scratch wasn’t enough for me to get to grips with it and the meanings of the words and their different translations over the centuries… was becoming confusing!

The book opens on Isaacs 22nd birthday,  by day he works in a library restoring books his evenings he spends alone. As luck would have it a co-worker has an invitation to a sex lounge one that she is unlikely to use… so Isaac in his own mind justifies taking it from her desk as a birthday gift to himself. Gehenna was an establishment for the rich, famous and beautiful… well those with depraved tendencies, and poor Isaac is totally out of his depth in a place like that and more self conscious than usual, you see, Isaac is not our usual MC, he is overweight suffers from acne and has zero social life, and with a phobia of being touched which does nothing for his sex life. His purpose at the club was to watch, go home and get off. Yet standing at the bar, he feels cheated. He was expecting a voyeuristic delight of debauchery, instead, he could have been in any upmarket bar.

Isaac is a Jewish boy who leads a very humdrum life, he doesn’t want to be noticed, he would rather blend into the background, yet at the same time his body is craving something, anything more exciting than the loneliness that consumes him.  He feels almost compelled to make his way to the bowels of the club and what he stumbles on he was finding hard to understand. An angel, so he thinks, the most beautiful man he has ever seen, his senses were overwhelmed and there is no control, he is being embraced by forces he is just unable to comprehend.

Scratch had been imprisoned to service clients and as an incubus he is the perfect prostitute in an establishment that is renowned as a Sex Lounge. He feeds on emotions of any kind and poor Isaac is just full of them and somehow Scratch realises that Isaac is the man who can save him.

We only had Isaac’s point of view in the Horn Gate,and as a character I connected with him, but Scratch, the imprisoned incubus I didn’t bond with at all, he is an ancient demon and speaks in riddles which later we discover he is really dropping clues, but at the time I couldn’t make sense of it, and it was only towards the end that I finally understood but by then it had lost me in the madness of Isaac’s physical changes and his desperation to save the demon that he had an overwhelming need to protect. Personally I feel it was all too much and too quick, and if it had been longer there would have been more substance to grab hold of and run with, and Scratch, I always felt on the border, not knowing or understanding him enough, I can only presume that as it is a series, we will discover more, but for now it felt unfinished and I felt a little lost and unsatisfied despite the excellent start and promise. Also, I know we have a Sex Demon and a Sex Lounge, there is however no sex in this book.

This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review

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