Dangerous Submission (Dangerous Affairs) - Lori Toland I always think it’s a good sign when I pick up a book and don’t put it down until finished and that is exactly what happened with Dangerous Submissions, this is the second book in the Dangerous Affairs series

Dangerous Submission (2)

Drake Steele is an Agent for SOCO and his mission is to go undercover as a dom to Robbie Carrington, his task is to ensure the safety of an MI-6  IT specialist, to enable him to extract information needed to expose an underground criminal responsible for selling arms and stolen art, and Robbie a sassy, redheaded twink who also happens to be the son of a Duke is to play his sub in an effort to infiltrate the gang at a sex and BDSM party to be held in Prague.

Drake who is definitely not shy about speaking his mind has reservations about the whole mission. Robbie is clueless about BDSM and has no idea what to expect and for Drake an experienced dom, he is only too aware that for it to work there needs to be trust and chemistry between a dom and his sub and it certainly takes longer than two days to build that kind of connection. But Robbie surprises him and is curious, and even though twinks are not his type he feels the stirrings of an attraction which is only enhanced by Robbie’s submissive nature, he can see the attraction and the desire in his eyes and the blush to his cheeks which were all unmistakeable… Robbie was definitely interested, with BDSM also seeming to be his kink and he is adamant that he wants it to be more than just work, but mixing pleasure and business could spell disaster for their mission.

Poor Drake is trying to play it by the book but he is a man in conflict between his lust and emotions and his sense of duty, trying to keep his head in the game and pulling back from his overwhelming desire to protect and claim Robbie as his own. Only Robbie is not making it easy for him, he was behaving like a bratty little sub teasing and tantalising the poor man to frustration, Robbie wants to submit and give himself and his control over to Drake, and it was becoming all too easy for Drake to forget they were on a mission and that the intense emotional connection between them was not just the job… for both of them it was becoming personal and Drake’s heart and mind was beginning to melt and fall for the wayward, fiery, twink with a temper that was blatantly looking for a whipping!

I loved Robbie… he was just so naughty, having his little strops, but it wasn’t all for attention, Drake was blowing hot and cold and giving off mixed signals! I really would have liked an insight into Robbie's thoughts, especially when he was trying every trick in the book to get Drake to notice him, and it’s not as though he didn’t, he was just trying to deal with the battle of wills going on with his conscience and Robbie didn’t know whether he was coming or going... something he had no qualms in voicing his opinion on, letting Drake know just how pissed off he was!

I have to say I enjoyed Robbie’s and Drakes story more than Tony and Bradley from The Long Con and we did get to meet them again at the beginning of this book and even though it is a series, really they can definitely be read as stand alone novels. There is a plot which revolves around a BDSM party in Prague but for me it was more about the characters and the plot was secondary, we did meet Stefan and already I am wanting to know more about him, so fingers crossed he will be in Lori’s next book in the series. This is a BDSM novel and there are some club scenes and although it hints at Drake’s experience on the scene as a whip wielding dom of control and dominance, the actual relationship between Drake and Robbie was more of a game… I wasn’t convinced that Drake was the man in charge but that also has a lot to do with Robbie’s character, his lack of experience and the fact that initially it had been a mission with both of them playing their roles to get the job done, so with Robbie being inexperienced Drake was reluctant to push it… but I would have liked to have seen that big man in total badass dom mode. The other aspect that was missing for me was a bit of background on our two MC’s… there were parts of their lives that were hinted at but not explained, it was very much the here and now.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dangerous Submissions and will definitely be picking up the next book in the series.

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