Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux Excellent book....the best yet:D

Abigail, you may have been flying solo on this mission but you did it so beautifully.

Ty and Zane are thrown together in a high octane chase across the country with rouge CIA assassin Julian cross and his lover Cameron Jacobs, trying to get to Washington DC before the bad guys succeed in killing them. As only Ty and Zane can do, this turns into an action packed comedy of errors with life threatening situations.

After the very controversial ending in the last book.....I mean...How could he!!!!......when they do get together the sexual tension is profound.
The uncertainty on Zane's part and the guilt on Ty's only compounds those feelings and they soon discover that make up sex has it's benefits!! It seems during their week apart they have been on a voyage of discovery as they are so much more intense and emotional than ever before, as if they have had an epiphany of their true feelings for each heart was aching for them.......and yes... the necklace finally made an appearance!!! a real......ah bless moment:D

I have not read Warriors Cross so I was not familiar with the background of Julian and Cameron But they were both great characters and complimented Ty and Zane. Cameron is genuinely sweet and innocent and is referred to by Ty and Zane as 'the kid' which is in stark contrast to how they refer to Julian who is intimidating, calm, calculated and controlled.....a killer!!! However it is obvious that he is so very much in love and protective of Cam. Ty an Julian are continually crossing swords and the banter between them is hilarious and over the course of the book it becomes apparent that really they have an immense mutual respect for each other.

I cannot wax lyrical enough and cannot begin to explain how addicted I am to Ty and Zane and the whole series.........I love being in their company. They make me laugh, they make me cry.......really big tears that rip your heart out. They frustrate the hell out of me. I love their sense of honor and integrity, their sarcasm and wit.

I love how volatile Ty is, his abundance of energy and child like nature and how Zane compliments this with his composed patience and understanding when dealing with 'the force that is Hurricane Ty'......Cams thoughts on dealing with Ty on a regular basis was that it should come with anger management classes, this made me chuckle.

Oh and I loved Zane's Snoopy sweet:)

This book and series is amazing, with a great cast of characters and I look forward to more adventures with my boys!!!!!