The Long Con - Lori Toland Enjoyable if you are looking for an easy read some D/s kink throw in...

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Nathaniel Brady is an agent for the Serious Organised Crime Agency and when his Grandmothers priceless Faberge egg is stolen he vows to find the thieves. His search takes him to New York where he is recruited by a con team to play the lure in an elaborate sting to sell a fake Faberge egg, which is in fact the real egg. The mark is the very dangerous Anthony Terranova the son of a mafia boss… only Bradley is not prepared for how gorgeous the man is and just how much his body is craving the sub he see’s hidden behind those blue eyes, dark with lust.

There is a plot which revolves around Bradley infiltrating the gang and getting his hands on the stolen egg he is desperate to return his Grandmother but this is more about the relationship between the two MC’s and Bradleys conflicting emotions, Tony was a murder, a killer and the son of a mafia boss… yet his gut was telling him different! There is a lot of very hot, panty melting D/s play and with Bradley being a Dom his body is crying out to do all kinds of naughty’s with Tony, who as a sub can’t get enough! These two are insatiable, they are like magnets, drawn to each other both physically and emotionally and Bradley is way over his head and his heart is leading him down a path that can only end in his world falling apart… such is the connection between these two!

For me this was an easy read and I enjoyed it but no great shakes, the plot is predictable and it was slightly OTT on the insta love, with no real angst or action. However there is plenty of sex… which was HOT and there is definitely great chemistry between Bradley and Tony, the BDSM element is very light and is more of a D/s relationship and there is a twist to the story but it wasn’t one that surprised me.