The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood - Rachel Haimowitz,  Heidi Belleau 5 STARS of excellence and I applauded Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz for their writing talents in this last episode of the season… I don’t like the pain it has caused me but it is brilliant never the less!

FC All

I know I said last month that the whole physiological twist to the story was the worst book so far… shite, you ain’t seen nothing yet!?! I almost put this down, never to be picked up again, I was a snivelling mess of emotions, it is only my FAITH in the authors that this will eventually come good, and my desperate need to stay with the boys that I picked it back up and forced myself to read through tears, I just didn’t want any more pain for these two boys, plus as much as I hate it, I also love it and it is most definitely COMPELLING reading. But FUCK! …have they not been through enough? I am not sure even a lifetime in therapy is going to cure them of this one and how it gets turned around from here will have to be a stroke of genius. (Heidi and Rachel… I am counting on you!)

Nikolai must drive a wedge between Mat and Dougie for his plans to succeed, Mat needs to be the one to help him, for as long as Dougie holds onto his hope and his love for Mat he will never freely give up to the inevitable… Dougie must accept his fate and then at least he can find some happiness and love that Nikolai is willing to give him. All Mat wants is for Dougie not to have to bear the horrors of his existence and to at least find inner peace. Mat cares nothing for himself at this point and will do anything Nikolai asks just to save Dougie, even if that means turning Dougie against him in such a way that it will surely destroy the last thing giving Dougie hope… Mats love and protection!

Nikolia flawlessly manipulated a scene with our two boys, and right now I hate him so much I am quite willing to commit murder… BASTARD! he used the brothers as pawns in a game and played it to perfection, and as always with Nikolai there is only ONE Master and only HE can ever be the winner.

Nikolai is a sick fuck, I don’t care what anyone say’s he IS A SICK FUCK and according to him he is not a sadist, which I really don’t get!?! If not a sadist then why? I don’t doubt that he loves Dougie in his own SICK mind but if you love someone and you are not a sadist then you surely would not want to see them go through pain, hurt and humiliation. Is he then so selfish and focused on his own objective that he would allow it to be a means to an end, with failure not being an option, or is it just that he has to WIN!?! Help me here I need to understand? …How many more episodes?


That ending is so not fair! I really don’t know what to say… I am devastated, hurt, angry and feel helpless, yes, that would be me, a reader, someone so totally engrossed in a book as if it were real life… ‘cause I sure as hell felt every emotion imaginable as if they were my own brothers, and now I feel lost… all the hope I had been clinging to just like Mat and Dougie has well and truly been destroyed and shattered at the hands of Nikolai!

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