The Art of Touch - Dominique Frost A fabulous read from a new Author I will definitely be keeping an eye on.


This is Dominique Frosts debut, it is a novella but in my opinion she shows great promise for future releases. The characters are most definitely three dimensional and the story totally engaging and certainly had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.

The story is told completely from Jared’s point of view and I have to say he is an obnoxious and thoroughly unpleasant man, he’s a Lawyer and director of the family firm, he is consumed by work with little or no time for relationships of any kind. His lovely secretary Vanessa, who deserves a medal for putting up with him, practically has to blackmail him into going for a massage that in her opinion is essential to his well being, as well as the rest of the employees that might run into his foul temper!

Jared is irritable and cranky and the last place he wants to be is getting a massage, it is far too time consuming and pointless especially when the "baby twink” Kyle, doesn’t look old enough to be shaving never mind being a fully trained and experienced therapist. Kyle is calm and courteous with an undertone of polite sarcasm, I would really have loved to be in his head when he met Jared, I could imagine the expletives pinging around, and if it had been me, I would have slung the rude, arrogant, self important idiot out on his arse!

Surprisingly Jared feels relaxed and de-stressed and is convinced the baby twink has drugged him in some way… he is not one willing to admit when he is wrong! Kyle and his massages are actually improving his disposition which has been noticed at work and Kyle intrigues him, he is not intimidated by his gruff manner and refuses to kowtow to him, and is unimpressed by Jared’s wealth and status. Bickering and snarky comments are the norm between these two, which was really their lust coming forth without either of them understanding why and Jared finds himself jealous of the time that Kyle spends with other clients.

We don’t get a glimpse into Kyle’s inner machinations but from observation through Jared’s eyes there is an obvious mutual attraction and Jared is so out of touch with his sensitive side he is oblivious. Kyle has to be the forward thinking one to get them anywhere near some kind of relationship and it was lovely to see the vulnerable, compassionate, caring and considerate side to a man that had himself been starved of affection. Kyle is a funny, cheeky and charming character who was just adorable and made Jared realise that the World did not in fact revolve around him alone.

I do think this novella could have become a novel, there was enough character development to warrant more from these two and I was actually quite sad when I had finished as I really wanted to see the relationship as it developed. There is kind of an insta love thing going on but really it happens over weeks and Jared has no idea initially anyway! If you are looking for instant sexual gratification in this book you will be disappointed as they don't actually get down and dirty till almost the end, but there is more than enough to keep you occupied until then with their humorous interactions and some very interesting secondary characters, namely Vanessa the secretary and Jared’s interfering and overprotective Uncle!

I thoroughly enjoyed this first book from Ms Frost, it was a fun and easy read and I look forward to seeing what else she will be delighting us with.

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