If It Flies - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt All work and no play makes Spencer a dull boy! and I hate to say it but until the last 20% of the book things don’t improve!

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I am a huge Aleksandr Voinov fan and have grown to love L.A Witt in the previous instalments of The Market Garden series, but unfortunately If It Flies didn’t fly for me!

I am actually lost for words… Ha, me speechless, now that doesn't happen often. Usually I can waffle on for pages in awe of Mr Voinov’s writing even the two previous short novellas from these two great authors produced plenty of inspiration and effusive dialogue. I loved Tristan and Jared and instantly engaged with the characters and was invested in their story, the fact that it was off the charts hot and smouldering with lots of luscious sex also helped. So what went wrong? same two authors but two new characters!

Persuaded by his friend Percy, Spencer joins him for a night at Market Garden, the high class whore house catering to all needs and requirements. While adjusting his eyes to the darkness he see’s a vision of blond hair and green eyes dressed in low slung leather trousers and bare chest with nipple piercings walking towards him. Spencer, not sure what he wants and has absolutely no idea of the protocol in such an establishment, is tongue tied and totally out of his comfort zone, wishing only for the ground to open up and swallow him whole!

As a Lawyer, Spencer was the one usually in control, yet somehow Nick had an inexplicable power over him and although he questioned Nick’s commands in his mind, Spencer’s body had already reacted. Spencer trusts Nick, he wasn’t sure why but he was enjoying his voyage of discovery in to the world of BDSM, and embracing his inner pain slut, Nick pushed the boundaries and every one of Spencer’s buttons to the point of euphoria, he did things to his body and took it to places he had never dreamed were possible… Being with Nick was all consuming, something he had never experienced before and he wants more!

The first third of the book was the meet and the first sex scene, now considering how smouldering Tristan and Jared were in such a short novella you would think that more page time for these two would see your kindle self combust, but unfortunately that was not the case. This is told form Spencer’s POV and on his own he was not engaging enough to keep my attention, I just couldn’t connect to him at all, with no personality or quirks to get excited about. Nick was a Dom, so I would expect him to radiate power when he appears on page yet all I got was detachment, he was aloof with no real conviction. The first sex scene was drawn out and totally uninspiring and for me to put a book down in the middle of a sex scene is unheard of!

The middle of the book was a little better, although we lost 3 months in a flash and I would have liked more time to see the relationship develop, and then their arrangement all of a sudden goes wrong! We have a little visit to a sex party that I didn’t quite see the point of and then at 20% FINALLY I got the characters and book I wanted. We saw a side to Nick I would have liked to see earlier, there was depth of emotion and feeling from him where we had previously had cold and calculating, I understand he is a prostitute and perhaps that was his way of dealing with it, but we were given nothing to endear him to us. The last few pages were heartfelt and actually quite beautiful and I only wish we had seen more of their character and personality earlier on in the book.

I still <3 you both and hope that it was just me that didn’t quite get it, maybe an off day, who knows! But it will certainly not deter me from reading more of the series. Please bring us more of Tristan and Jared as a couple I adore them!

2.5 - 3 star read

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