The Flesh Cartel #5: Wins and Losses (The Flesh Cartel Season 2: Fragmentation) - Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz Choices, Consequences and now we have Wins and Losses… More marvellous Mind Fuckery from my two favourite Authors

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Oh Nikolai, what an intriguing character you are! A man with the upmost confidence and determination, his foresight and vision are immovable. Nikolai has a plan and the details and pieces are strategically being put in place, he is stoically commanding and perfectly manipulating the action. Now, he is moving on to the next phase in his scheming and the boys are being taught yet another lesson and he is cleverly controlling the direction he wants their minds to embrace, to make decisions with the the out come in their own favour, yes, they will seem weak and humiliated by these decisions and no matter what, they will submit… but they themselves have the power to control the outcome, it is in their own hands as to whether it be a painful loss or a pleasurable win. The Choices and Consequences are the tools for them to have the power of winning or the despair of losing.

Dougie’s mind is now full of confusion, where truth becomes lies and guarantees become uncertainties, and those that you trust become the one’s who betray you. Dougie knows Nikolai has his own agenda but in his isolation, Nikolai is the only one to offer him comfort… but at a cost! Mat is still desperately trying to hold onto his pride and to Dougie, maintaining that without them his life is worthless but Nikolai is now clouding his forthright conviction, giving him alternatives without hope of fruition yet they may be the only thing that can keep him together…  In their isolation and separation, all they have left are the whisperings of a man who is a master at his own game of manipulation.

This episode has probably been the most mentally disturbing for me… Heidi and Rachel are really sending us to a place where my heart is hurting for these boys, I feel their loneliness and pain and I don’t like it! Nikolai’s mind games are evolving, a manipulation that is like a virus that is slowly spreading and is severing the tenuous threads connecting the brothers, creating doubt in isolation, reprogramming them… and it is agonising to watch. In Nikolai’s mind he is helping them, and I am sure that’s true but he is still a sadistic fuck! and so smug with it too… Grrr!!

Another cracking instalment to this series, you two lovely sadistic authors just blow me away every time I have these books in my hot little hands!

This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing... Thank you, I think I love you!

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