Fettered - Lyn Gala Ms Gala, paints a vivid picture for every scene, delves deep into each character and tells a tale that will keep you enthralled and captivated from beginning to end… EXCELLENT!

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This book is FABULOUS and I LOVED it! Full of emotion, dark in places disturbing in others and peppered with humour and lines that had me laughing… and not forgetting the sizzling tantalisingly, delicious and tortuous sex!!! The plot is riveting, not for one moment was I skipping or did I become bored. The writing was amazing and the characters were brought to life by the written word… So. Very. Clever.  Their voices were clear and every nuance and idiosyncrasy played perfectly in my mind, they were totally three dimensional and like a sponge I soaked up every word and it pulled on all my heart strings.

As a child growing up, you perceive your life as normal. Even in a home that is full of love, that love can turn to blindness and it is not until you have more life experiences that you realise that what you thought of as normal is actually dysfunctional… and the children, well, they carry that baggage with them and somewhere along the line, something has to give!

Dilly Carter is 19 years old, his brother has been accused of rape, which has had a profound effect, not only on him but the family as a whole… they are fractured, near to breaking point and the strain of the impending court case is just exasperating matters. Carmin, his Sister, well she is all mouth engage before brain, his mother is bearing the burden of it all and seems to be the only one convinced of his innocence, his father, always one to keep the peace and not known for his forthrightness spends more time at work to pay for the Lawyers. And Dilly, the baby of the family who is an expert at avoiding confrontation and more akin to harmony than conflict feels guilt by association. Only Dilly’s troubles go deeper than that, he is aroused by the images he has seen on screen of the evidence against his brother, whips, gags ropes… they excite him! (OK, Rihanna S & M comes to mind here!) was he damaged in some way? a genetic anomaly that had affected both him and his Brother? … he had to find out!

Poor Dilly is all at sea, without a paddle and the sharks are circling… as soon as he enters the local BDSM Club Stonewall!  Miss Dolphinia! She is a larger than life character that I just adored, definitely not one to cross and she puts the shark’s in their place pronto. That is all except for... Vincenzo Hauser a Dom, dark, brooding, cold and emotionless and Dilly is totally out of his comfort zone, but his body’s curiosity is getting the better of him and he needs someone to sate the hunger thrumming through him. Vin is interested enough to provide a service for the inquisitive little subby who has no idea what he wants or needs but Vin certainly gives Dilly enough to convince him he has found it!

Vin is just gorgeous, well from his description and all the totally x rated visions that were flashing through my mind he was lush and certainly had me drooling and panting for more! He is also totally pissed off with Miss Dolphinia playing matchmaker. He has been hurt and betrayed in the past and it’s not somewhere his heart wants to go in a hurry, he certainly wasn’t looking for anything more than one or two nights of play because when Vin falls, he falls hard and fast, is controlling and manipulative, bordering on obsessive…  So instead he pushes Dilly away with his brutal honesty of exactly what he could expect.

These two characters are flawed and damaged totally at odds with themselves, but I love how the relationship grows and Dilly slowly breaks down Vin’s hard edges and wheedles his way into Vin’s life with a lot of help from the amazing Miss Delphinia… and the fact the he is as cute as his name suggests, too irresistible to be ignored, and Vin’s jealousy and over protective streak are not pretty either, something else for Miss Dephinia to take advantage of, and Oh… does. She!!  Dilly, see’s the danger in this dark, tall and handsome man, but Vin doesn’t scare him, somehow he completes him. What Dilly needs is for someone to take control, take away all the decisions, the hurt, pain and worry. He no longer wants to be the boy who’s job it is to fit in and not make waves, the one to maintain the status quo. He is such a sweet soul, innocently honest to Vin’s more brutal version, but he is lost and wants to fly, not have to think about it all, and every fibre of his being is calling on Vin to be the person to do it.

“I like that you do your own thing and don’t change for anyone. I like that you’re so unbending that maybe there’s room for me to fit myself in the cracks of your life because I like your cracks a lot more than the cracks I have been living in”

The BDSM in this is what they refer to as old school, so if you are looking for sugar kink BDSM or even the practices of safe words and in depth discussions… forget it! There was a point in this where I really wasn’t happy, where we had a scene with Dilly and Guard another Dom and it  was so annoyingly safe and sickly sweet I was so desperate to get the cocky, arrogant and moody Vin back on page, who may have been a sadist and an arse but he was a damn sexy one! As for the scenes between Dilly and Vin… well, suffice to say my hormones were definitely not the cause of my hot flushes!  I fell in love with these characters, they truly found a place in my heart as well as some of the secondary characters and I hope that Lyn Gala will bring us more from Stonewall as I can certainly see a book in Miss Delphinia! I am loving this old school BDSM and I really, really want more and a re-visit to see how Dylan and Vin are getting on would also be appreciated!

Thank you Ms Gala, I thoroughly enjoyed your book... loved every word!

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