Games Boys Play - Fae Sutherland Fae Sutherland has delivered more fun, kinky sex and hilarious antics from the very sweet and zany Zach who always leaves a trail of glitter in his wake… love it!

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We last met Zach the very glittery and hilarious twink and Sergeant Stephen Miranda, Officer Hotness, the closet cop in Gambling on Maybe and I fell in love with them both, so I was excited to pick up the next in the series to see how these two loveable characters were getting on. Zach is such an uplifting character, his zany, wicked personality just lights up the pages, and Stevie is as dependable and adorable as ever, Fae Sutherland’s characterization is excellent these two are just perfect together, and I love Zach’s voice, I see him so clearly in my minds eye and he just makes me happy!

Zach understands the bigotry within the Police Force and understands the antiquated unwritten rules, so he is happy to hang out and have copious amounts of hot sex in his apartment, keeping their romance a secret is really not an issue, he is just happy to have his sexy cop all to himself. Only the very sparkly Zach likes to add that sparkle to their relationship and illicit visits to some less than salubrious Motels or seedy bathroom stalls for some quick fast fucks are just the trick to adding some spice into being the Officers dirty little secret!

Zach is a free spirit, no inhibitions and absolutely no apologies for his zest for life, quick wit and intellect along with his flamboyant nature and his insatiable appetite for sex. He also has a very short attention span, generally preferring for it all to be on him. So when he has an epiphany in the bathroom stall of a dirty public toilets in the middle of some very hot and forbidden sex, it proves to be a pivotal moment in their relationship and he realises that his big sexy officer hotness actually loves him and not only that but he loved him right back and that scared the holy shit out of him.

Stevie is an honourable, honest and caring man and Zach see’s him as worthy of being loved and as flighty and confident as Zach is, love is a whole new ball game and feeling vulnerable is not something he is familiar with. So, we have had the getting together, lots of kinky fuckery and now our two MC’s have found love… where will Fae Sutherland take us next?

I love this series, it is light entertainment and a pleasure to read and I will certainly be picking up the next book in the series.

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