Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson OMG... I love the cover and the book is just Fabulous!

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This is a stunningly executed character driven, emotional drama, which delves deep into souls of two very unlikely MC’s. Ms Peterson did not leave me wanting for a moment in this book, I eagerly turned the pages to delve into the world of Danny and Lance, poles apart, with nothing in common yet we see misconstrued perceptions change and a relationship borne of secrecy develop with both men unable to abate the attraction they have for each other. It is also a journey of discovery for our two very complex characters, putting their differences aside they find an unlikely friendship blossom and grow and with Lance having no prior experience with men they were like a couple of teenagers experimenting for the first time, with the sexual tension between them palpable and left me holding my breath in anticipation… these two were definitely hot and heavy in the bedroom!

Danny Marshall is all Broadway and bright lights, overly confident and not ashamed of it, his attitude being – If you've got it flaunt it! So with all his eccentricities, a Frat House party was his worst nightmare! Compounded when a drunk and intense Jock left him speechless for once… was it lust he had seen in the Jocks eyes? there was just something about him and it was eating into his consciousness and he just couldn't seem to shake the feeling. Danny is selfish and doesn't do relationships, his love is the theatre with its face paints and sparkles… and if he is the centre of attention, then all the better. So obsessing over a drunk Frat Jock was unnerving and totally out of character!

Everyone has a Kink and for Lance it is men who are pretty, feminine and not afraid to display it, only Lance, who is straight, has never acted upon it and being a football playing Jock having the gorgeous creature on your arm turn out to be a man rather than a woman didn't quite sit right in the equation! But with Danny he can’t help himself, every fibre of his being is attracted to the flamboyant boy with his make up, tight trousers and spiked heels, and trying to stay away was not an option.

Danny was under no illusion that they would ever be more than Jerk off buddies! Lance had a plan which he had been working towards ever since he could remember and he was resolute and determined to achieve his goal – and that was to play NFL Football. Danny also has a plan, his being to see his name in lights in a leading role on Broadway. So mix that up with having nothing in common, sexuality confusion, secrecy, misunderstanding, lack of communication, touch of the green eyed monster and NO… Plan B! You just know it’s not going to be pretty…

The story unfolds from Danny’s POV and we stay with him right to the end, he may be brash, a bit of a smartass who loves to be the centre of attention with the clothes and make up to prove it but inside he is actually sweet and endearing, if a little frustrating and although we don’t get a peak into Lance’s thoughts, he is so affectionate and doting with Danny, I just found him adorable. But when the honeymoon period is over, what are we left with?

Danny is the biggest drama queen going, he had his pouty moments and his sarcastic retorts full of acrimony and Lance had his shockingly inconsiderate moments and they were also both selfish and driven by ambition. Yet the signs were there for them to see, but they chose to ignore them, instead preferring to accept it as casual rather than seeing it for what it was. I have to say I found them both extremely frustrating at times and some of their behaviour made me so cross, but this is a tale full of emotion and drama and I couldn't put it down… I loved it and there is a very nice HEA!

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