The Flesh Cartel #4: Consequences (The Flesh Cartel Season 2: Fragmentation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau Weaving a web of deceptions, tangled in the branches of lies and blowing in the wind of whispers… in other words, a complete MIND FUCK and I LOVED IT!


I have spent the last few months anticipating the release of The Flesh Cartel Episodes and since the start of my journey with Mat and Dougie my emotions and anxiety levels have been put through the wringer! However… this episode see’s us moving on from the debasement and torture and we have firmly landed in the realm of MIND FUCK!

We find the brothers as we left them in the last episode, Dougie the pampered pet and Mat the bullied guard dog still writhing in pain from his last punishment! With the formidable Nikolai now at his best or should that be worst? …Mmm!! On home ground revelling in the challenges he faces with our boys, calculating, manipulating, his mind a constant thought process while he dominates the proceedings like a chess master, anticipating every move and Mat and Dougie… mere pawns in the grand scheme of things. He truly is an enigma and I so want to hate him, but again I am hoping that the minuscule glimpses of compassion, will lead to something good rather than the alternative!

Nicolai is pleased with Dougie or Douglas… as Nikolai refers to the boys by their full names, yet another subtlety to show his superiority. Dougie is intelligent and tries to anticipate his masters requirements, without instruction. How would he want his pet to behave? He was in fear of performing any task not to the required standard, but not knowing what to expect was worse because he feared the consequences... Were they all tests? Was he being watched? Was the whole point to humiliate him? or just another mind fuck!!!

Dougies mind is still running through his text books, analysing and debating with himself, he knows what Nikolai is trying to do… fill his mind with truths and half truths, smothering the lies peppered between… he wants to alienate him from his past, his home and more importantly for Nikolai his Brother. But can Dougie the student hold out against the experience master manipulator Nikolai? …arggg!

For Mat… Dougie is the only reason he has to stay alive, and the only thing that will make him submit, or at least do as he is told! Both brothers see the other as the strong one… Dougie see’s Mat’s strength in the way he still stands up for himself despite the futility of it. Nikolai will never take away Mat's pride it is his last thread to sanity! Yet Mat’s see’s Dougie as strong, because he will comply, and do so willingly to save himself only Dougie constantly berates himself for his cowardice! and Nikolai is slowly sowing the seeds of doubt, skilfully manipulating the proceedings subduing Dougie and restraining but not fully taming the beast that is Mat!

This episode was definitely easier on the heart but trickier on the brain. Gone were the throwing the Kindle on the couch, shouting expletives and stomping, the whole process on a loop until finished. Now… we have a change in the plot, instead of stomping I too found myself analysing, brows drawn together tight in a furrow squinting in concentration mode, trying to figure out just who was in control of who and what mind fuckery we are going to have next… then when you think you have it… blow me! something different happens!

Yet again another excellent instalment from our favourite writing duo… you have brilliantly changed the game! Not allowing us to become complacent for a minute! Episode #4 another master piece but for different reasons… you are now messing with our heads!!!
Note to self - *do not play cards with these authors*

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