The Island - Lisa Henry
This book is one of those where you think WTF!!! Why, Why, Why did I wait to read it...4.5 stars ~ Loved it!

"Lee always walked with his eyes down, and the island revealed all it's secrets to him. Sand dollars, tiny holes inhabited by translucent crabs, glittering shells built like spiral towers, and sand that turned from brilliant white to warm caramel when the ocean caressed it."
This book was so exquisitely described by Lisa Henry, beautiful prose and excellent writing. I was there... feeling the sand beneath my feet, the cool breeze and the smell of the ocean, surrounded by palm trees and the warmth of the sun on my skin.. only this fragile veil of beauty on the Pacific Island conceals a sanctuary of evil, created by a monster of epic proportions. Vornis... a man of extreme wealth and power who likes to show the world the educated gentleman that prefers the finer things in life, a contradiction to his true nature... he was a drug lord, murderer, torturer and all round bad ass! He is vulgar, ostentatious and enjoyed showing off his wealth, wallowing in the jealousy and envy of others, with all things of beauty being yet another trophy in which to gloat over.

Shaw a trusted facilitator has such a trophy and Vornis wants it.. a Cezanne worth millions, only Shaw wasn't there for the painting or it's value... he was after the bigger paycheck, the valuable contacts to be made through his association with Vornis. He had worked hard for 6 years to get to this point and he knew he was playing a dangerous game but he was focused, driven and now perfectly placed and in a position to take advantage and achieve his long awaited objective.

Only Shaw's perfect career plan had not taken "the boy" into consideration... Vornis' new Fuck Toy!

Lee had been captured 8 weeks prior and now he was totally dehumanised, confused, his eyes empty with a drug induced haze which along with glimpses of kindness and plenty of torture had made him compliant to the sexual deviant that was now his Master. With all humanity lost, his only purpose was to be used, abused and tortured by Vornis and his Men!

My heart was breaking for Lee and although we were not privy to the abuse on page (my depraved mind and love of dark fiction would have liked Ms Henry to have been a bit more adventurous and put some scenes on page) ... what he had endured still left a knot in my stomach. His moments of clarity, so fragile when he was trying to remember who he was, clinging to the slim slithers of hope and self preservation, wanting to survive and seeing Shaw as his saviour had my emotions all over the place!

I had quite a few WTF moments in this book, mainly with Shaw, who although he feels guilt because he is unable to show kindness and guilt because he is helpless to stop it, he also feels guilt because he is selfish enough to play the game to meet his own ends... he may not be a rapist but he was still complicit! Had he become so desensitised that he would put his own ambition before the life of a human!?! Was there nothing he wouldn't do to be in the inner circle of the rich and powerful?... conscience be damned!... he wanted to swim with the sharks!

When you start this book, you have more questions than answers and Lisa Henry, cleverly peels back the layers to divulge snippets of information, you are twisted and turned in every direction, with a fabulous twist I never saw coming! The writing was excellent, it was compelling reading and I was totally engrossed! For me this was a five star read, right up to the end when I realised it had finished! I wanted more between these two characters, we had been through so much with them, felt their pain, confusion, guilt, uncertainty all of it! and although they had spent months working through their issues separately... I wanted more from them together. Perhaps an epilogue!?!

Thank you Aimee for pushing me to read this..

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