Quid Pro Quo - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt Quid Pro Quo ~ A latin term meaning
"Something for Something"


I was so excited to get my hands on this Novella after being privy to the funny and cryptic interactions between Mr. Voinov and Ms. Witt whilst they were feeding each others inspiration on Twitter!... with my interest piqued and being a lover of all things smut I was practically salivating in anticipation. So believe me when I say this does not disappoint, it is both funny and off the charts in the heat level... it may be winter outside but inside it was tropical! I suppose, it should be classed as a PWP... short, sweet and totally satisfying, but it is so much more than that, the characters come alive and the chemistry between our two main protagonists Jared and Tristan is just... Combustible!

The Market Garden is an upmarket whorehouse where the clientele are in the upper echelons of London's Corporate Sector... busy businessmen with no time for wining and dining, preferring the luxury and ease of a guaranteed Fuck... with all their desires catered to with no unnecessary effort on their part!

We are treated to this encounter through the eyes and mind of Jared, who immediately endears himself to us... he is just adorable and his point of view and inner musings had me grinning from ear to ear! You see Jared has the hots for Tristan... Big Time!And... also plays the staring role in all of Jareds sexual fantasies. Tristan is gorgeous and an experienced Rentboy who is always in demand with the clients and Jared is just in awe of this man who oozes confidence and sexuality. His comfortable manner and an easy sensual gait belying the carnal predator beneath... So on a quiet night in December when Tristan asks Jared to join him in a booth... he was thanking the Lord for all his Christmas's that had come at once!

Jared is a student... and moved on from stripping to be a Rentboy when he needed the extra cash and a little more excitement in his life. Being fairly new to it all he has yet to establish himself and lacks a little in confidence, especially around Tristan where he becomes self conscious and his nerves leave him tongue tied and totally star struck! So when they are approached by an American Businessman for a "performance" of their skills, his inner slut was Sooo doing a happy dance... and shouting Yes, Yes, Yes!

When they arrive at the Mayfair Hotel, it becomes apparent that "the John" is loaded.... Tristan and "Mr Gold Rolex" (as dubbed by Jared) soon enter into a battle of negotiations "Quid Pro Quo" with both being formidable opponents, each of them pushing the erotic display to the edge, trying to gain the upper hand with each slow seduction, deliciously frustrating the voyeuristic pleasures of the client ... with poor Jared ... desperately needy, consumed with sexual desire and mentally pleading for more... stuck in the middle... The pawn in their game to control the proceedings! Tristan's dominance of Jared is not only teasing and tempting for Rolex.. oh no! he also had me squirming!!!! This is erotically charged and sensual, powerfully orgasmic and ultimately satisfying... When is the next one out?

Mr. Voinov has so far never failed to deliver and the collaboration with L.A. Witt flowed seamlessly through the pages of the book... not knowing where one started and the other finished, it was a sheer joy and definitely a pleasure to spend my New Years Eve devouring the pages of Quid Pro Quo! I loved both of the characters and their voices, so very distinct with the charming and delicious Jared and the... Oooh. So. Very. Sexy. cool and confident Tristan... I want to see more of these two characters and I would be interested to know how the Market Garden Universe will be moving forward?

This ARC was kindly provided by Riptide Publishing through NetGalley...

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