Bound: Forget Me Knot - H.B. Pattskyn A chance encounter over a grey leather collar, unleashes Jason's inner submissive... taking him to places he had only dared visit in a fantasy and the result... a beautifully narrated May/December BDSM Romance...4.5 stars - LOVED IT!!

This is my first book by Ms Pattskyn, a book I won't forget in a hurry and one I thoroughly enjoyed... It is told completely from Jason's point of view and how wonderful it was to be privy to the inner musings of this boy, confused by the sexual awakening of his subservient nature. Both Jason and Henry are such well developed characters with very clear voices and distinct personalities. All my motherly instincts engaged with Jason, I wanted nothing more than to delve into the pages, wrap him in my arms and smother him with hugs and kisses, whereas Henry our experienced Dom at 40 years old was all powerful, his voice and words alone seductive... Hell, I wanted to get down on my knees and kiss his feet!

When Jason admires the beauty of a handmade leather collar, with the feel of the leather and the thought of it against his skin arousing his baser instincts, little does he know that it will change his life forever. When not only does he want the collar but also the man responsible for it's making!

Henry Durand at 40 years old was drawn to this boy with no confidence... he saw Jason's desires hidden beneath the shy blushes, was aroused by the perfect submissive he saw deep down in the depths of his innocent eyes, as though pleading with him to take control, to show him the true euphoria he could experience.

This is Jason's first time in BDSM play and he is curious but has doubts... Is it just a kink? Is it something he really wants, or just a fantasy? questioning his own sanity at times for getting himself into this situation, but his body is in a state of "More Please Sir" and testing the limits of his desires!

I loved how his sensitive soul was displayed, how eager to please he was and his embarrassment at having to verbalise his desires. Something Henry was eager for him to do, to talk about his boundaries, to be more comfortable with his inner sub and to see that it is not abhorrent to be in the scene but that to some it was a normal way of life and to embrace it rather than be ashamed of what his heart and body is craving.

It was beautiful to see the connection between these two characters, how Jason was bursting with pride at Henry's complements, smiles and gestures of kindness... He was Henry's total focus, nothing else mattered in their time together, it was just the two of them and he was humbled that Henry would cherish him in such a way.

But this was a short term deal... the weekend only and now Jason is even more confused and lost than he was before and distraught at the thought of never seeing Henry again and with his insecurities playing out scenarios in his head, my heart was breaking for him!

They are separated by 8 hours, not conducive to a 24/7 master/slave relationship and with some misunderstanding and communication problems, Jason turns to his ex Terry, spurred on by his supposedly best friend Kendra! who as far as I am concerned needs a good slap and wake up call for her prejudices. What a bitch... she would be no friend of mine!

So, poor Jason... His best friend? chastises him on his choices, his Father is a mean uncaring bastard... his ex boyfriend has turned over a new leaf.. yeh right! and the only person who ever asks him what he wants, what he needs, the only person that really cares enough to ask in the first place is Henry. When he actually gives Jason the grey collar he so loved, that was it, I was crying again...

There are a couple of things that I feel I wanted more information on, firstly, what was Derrik doing in Henry's room at 4 in the morning? Business partners they may be, but that made me feel all wrong. Also they discuss the lifestyle and scene... Henry despite being committed to Jason still plays with other boys, yes... all be it they don't fuck but please, my blood was boiling... even I was jealous!

This is not hard core BDSM even though the play is pretty intense it is not humiliating or gross in any way, I felt Ms. Pattskyn was sympathetic to the lifestyle... but I am no expert!

Loved this book and I really do hope there will be a sequel as it is left as a HFN but I would like to see more, there is more to tell... I need it!

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