Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov I am totally speechless and amazed at just how wonderful these books were. Even now, weeks later after finishing the series I am still touched by the emotions they evoked whist reading.


I was first drawn into the series by the cover. That young man, such a desolate character, seemed consumed by sadness. I just had to see what lay beneath.

Even though they are a series of Novellas, to me it was a novel, as I read them back to back with hardly time to take a breath in between, compelled by the story unfolding before my eyes. Devouring every word written, totally absorbed and emotionally attached to each and every character.

Mr Voinov took me on a journey with his words to a place that was unfamiliar and forbidden. It was dark there, dangerous, I was surrounded by villains, nefarious in their actions, they were ruthless killers, predators with no conscience and sexual appetites that knew no bounds.

I am a mother and a wife, two children and spend my days as a boring accountant, living in a small town in North Wales where shoplifting is a major crime!!! Therefore I should be scared here, after all I know nothing of these mafioso types, dealing in sex, drugs and guns, all hidden in their underworld of illegal activities. Yet I am captivated, I feel compassion! How can I? these men kill for the fun of it they are capable of unspeakable atrocities, but my emotions are in turmoil, so conflicted by the wrongness of it all!!! How can I route for the bad guys? Wanting a man to take a lover when he is married!? Wanting two men to find familiar trust and comfort in each others arms, when the act of this is illegal and wrong in so many ways. I want killers to find happiness and the most absurd thing of all is that I despise the only man on the side of good for doing his job!!!


Whilst I was in this world created by Mr Voinov, I fell in love. His name is Silvio and he broke my heart too many times to count. You see, he has a dark soul and I wanted to reach out and touch it. See it. Delve into its depths to heal all the pain and hurt both physical and emotional. But, he is a master at hiding behind an aura of power and danger, drawing people in and making them feel special, calming them, he makes them feel safe enough to relax, right before the predator steps in. He...doesn't give a fuck. He...is a one man killing machine. That is what the formidable Battista made him, that and the expertise to be a lover of indubitable skill.

I felt like a voyeur watching Silvio with Batistta, uncomfortable but unable to look away, this man that was supposed to care for him, uses sex to make him yield, it was brutal in it's intensity, I couldn't breath, tears welling in my eyes at the injustice of it all. Used and abused, then abandoned not only by his family but also by the only man he ever trusted.

Now sex for Silvio is all about submission, he feels nothing without the pain, he embraces it, he wants to be controlled, it is his way of dealing with his past forgetting all the hurt and hiding his vulnerability.

I see you Silvio.......you manipulate people, use their weaknesses against them, so tempting with your breathtaking beauty so full of the promise of forbidden desire. You don't intimidate me.....but I too am not immune to your allure and sensuality,.....but I also see that vulnerability, that pain, open your heart........don't run away!!!

The Writing.....Ohhhhh Mr. Voinov, not only did I fall in love with Silvio!

The writing is powerful, raw, gritty and dark, it is unlike any author I have read. His unique voice goes from whispering seductively to resounding in your ears like a symphony orchestra, taking your emotions along for the ride. It is multidimensional, never knowing where he will take you next, pushing the boundaries of your own conscience and beliefs, tempting you further into the world he has created within the pages of the book. We are drip fed all of the characters psych and as layers are slowly peeled away catching glimpses of their inner souls, leaving out a piece here and there for you to draw your own conclusions, or are the answers cloaked in the complexity of the characters?

Mr. Voinov always has us right on the edge, twisting and turning, wondering where the next turn of events will take you, lulling you into a false sense of security before another layer is revealed. I have never read a series (so far I have not experienced all of Mr. Voinov's work) that captivated and overwhelmed me in such a way that when I closed the Kindle on Silvio for the last time......I was bereft. Sobbing uncontrollably, for what? the ending? for Silvio? For me? I was emotionally drained.

I liken it to a BDSM scene. When the Master takes his slave through the pain....to subspace.....to eventually be able to let go of all of that emotion. That is what reading this book felt like for me, my own version of literary BDSM, euphoric. Thank you and I look forward to my next kink fix.