Mind Fuck - Manna Francis This is a Science Fiction Dystopian Thriller with a totalitarian regime set in New London some time in the future. Romance...No. Mind Fuck!....that it is. But Excellent never-the-less...


I originally read this book back in September (yes..Only just getting round to review)... My initial thoughts after reading it, 4 stars - well, here I am a month later and....YES, I am still obsessed with these characters! They have a way of getting inside your head and worming their way under your skin. Trying to understand their dysfunctional relationship, well - for me, it is impossible! with more questions than answers - but perhaps that is the appeal? So I am revising it to a 4.5 star read, why not five? a niggle that now seem less important as it has waned into the background with time, a bit like pregnancy, when the final product is so rewarding, the pain is forgotten!

Val Toreth, Senior Para Investigator, of The Investigation and Interrogation Division, is attending a lecture. One in which he has absolutely no interest in at all. The attending lecturer, is Keir Warrick, the Co-Owner of Simtech - a small Company, but it is at the forefront of the new Computer Sim Technology.

On hearing Warricks voice, some impulse calls to him and he WANTS Warrick, this man with dark hair and eyes and the most beautiful mouth! and... what Toreth wants, his arrogance and confidence ensure that he gets! But Warrick is no pushover, he is aware that Toreth is an egotistical bastard and to have any contact with him would be dangerous - Yet, he is intrigued by him and unable to resist!

When a graduate is found dead at Warricks AERC Laboratories and Toreth is given the case. Warricks Sim Programme is implicated as the possible reason for the death, which Warrick vehemently denies is possible, despite the evidence pertaining otherwise. But in Toreth's MIND it is an opportunity to fuck with Warricks MIND....

And so the games begin, and it is a game! They are both like two chess masters, with each player planning their moves to gain the best advantage and control over the opponent, it is all about power! Toreth is an expert at mind games and as an interrogator of the most ruthless kind he needs to be able to recognise weakness, and use his dominance to intimidate, but Warrick - our cool, calm and collected academic is unreadable, he is methodical in his approach to life, overthinks situations so giving up control to a manipulative, killer with no compassion is unthinkable!

I loved these two complicated characters, especially Toreth with his psychotic and tortuous personality, his cocky, sometimes childish, but funny behaviour, he is definitely emotionally immature and selfish, has no regard and is totally oblivious to the feelings of others. He is also a complete man-whore and bastard! and...Warrick, the serious and articulate academic is totally unflustered by all that Toreth throws at him. The dynamics and complexities of both characters are so different yet compelling.... I LOVED IT!

So...my niggle that has taken a backseat in the priority stakes, but at the time I did find frustrating:-

Whilst Toreth was investigating the case he suspects it is "complicated".... well I too had that feeling! There was too much technical stuff, corporate wranglings, lots of "specials" in various fields - admin, administration, departments, files, files and more files...for a section in the middle, poor Toreth seemed to spend all his time reading files!

On a good point, the chemistry and sex between these two was sizzling, as in total - tummy flutters and catch your breath hot! However, this book is not about the sex, it is more to do with the relationship and the investigation, if you are looking for more totally off the charts hot sex, I suggest you read the shorts that are also available free online, of which I am still working my way through slowly - as I want to try and maintain this relationship I am having with Toreth and Warrick a little longer... they are such a treat.

I would also like to thank Lenore for the recommendation, without it I probably would not have read this book and that would have been a travesty..

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