Conduct Unbecoming - L.A. Witt Two Hot Military Alpha Males ~ Just needed more angst to satisfy my needs!...


"Dude Okinawa is a fucking shit-hole"

Those were the words ringing in Eric's ears as he departs for a three year tour of the Japanese Island. Three years in a foreign country where he doesn't know the language - and, they drive on the wrong side of the road! Three years without his daughter and three years on a small Island where being Gay is more conspicuous than not!

Lonely and in need of male company and not just to have a chat and a few beers with, Eric visits the local Gay Club - Palace Habu, where he meets Shane. Before long sparks are flying and what starts out as an intense necking session, turns into a night of ceaseless unbridled passion!

The chemistry between them was sizzling... Yep, great sex and fire hose needed! But eventually when they come down from the high of all that sex and decided that it was more than a one night stand, they got to talking and seems that the DADT was the least of their worries - with Shane a Commanding Officer and Eric enlisted Naval Police, even a friendship between the two was enough to damage their careers and definitely a NO, NO!

Despite their misgivings of being together, they are unable to resist the pull and something that was originally driven by lust becomes so much more. The deep affection and subsequent closeness was impossible to ignore and all thoughts of their actions having devastating consequences - forgotten!

Starting this book, I was engrossed in the characters really enjoying the the forbidden aspect of their relationship and how sad it was they had to go to such elaborate lengths, with untruths told just to spend time together, clandestine meetings and prepared explanations if seen!

Shane having already spent time on the Island, wanted to share its beauty with Eric and unfortunately this is where it lost me, we were treated to beautiful vistas and taken on a tour of the rural parts and tourist attractions of Okinawa. Which ended up as more of a travel journal than a romance. Not wanting to be unfair to the author this is probably my own preference.

The book was also told from alternating POV's, with both characters being so very similar it was hard to get a clear voice for them. Both being Alpha males in every sense of the word, they were both compassionate and caring and had great love and affection for their children. Common ground on marriage and divorce, with the islands history and beauty and a love of photography being other similarities. The POV's's were clearly defined by chapters but I found no characteristics or personality nuances to separate them!

Having said that the book finished on a flourish and I like how the author portrayed the hardships and pain felt by military men being parted from their families and not only how hard it is for them but the effect on the children, parents and even the ex-wives!

Personally I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and like books that get my blood boiling, this was a nice read and failed on the angst! If however you prefer books without having to take something to control your blood pressure then this is for you.

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