The Affair - Lee Child Audiobook...narrated by Dick Hill.


Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series has been a favourite of mine for years...this, however, was not up to his usual standards.

This book goes back in time to when Jack was still in the Army and gives us an insight into the reason he left and why he chose the life of a drifter....I think the idea was a good one, but on this occasion I did not connect with the Jack I know and love. It is the usual plot with Jack saving the hero! But found myself drifting whilst listening, the story was weak and wasn't able to hold my attention.

Lee Child also introduced a 'love interest' (shock, horror)...well, more like 'fuck buddies' as there was no romance involved! I can only compare it to a 'how to' guide on sex and should definitely not be attempted again, no squirming during those sex scenes, Ooooh no, cold clinical and hard and fast, hard and fast, hard and fast....and so on! and I can't even blame it on the fact it was written by a man as there are many male authors that I have read that can write the hell out of a sex scene!

This has not put me off my love for was always stronger than the mere disappointment of one book and I have already purchased his new one on Audio, so fingers crossed it will be an improvement.