Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch #1) - Laura Harner This is a great book.......What more could you ask for? Two drool worthy Alpha males (loved the description of them both in the opening chapter....hmmmm), 1 a cowboy and 1 in the Navy. Both finding love for the first time.

Of course.....there were issues that need to be addressed, Tyler is struggling with his sexuality, PTSD and an overwhelming amount of guilt all whilst a love spurned cowhand has set his sights on them both for revenge, which was all well done and the story flowed nicely.

What I liked in this particular tale was the honesty and openness from the start (no angst just for the sake of it) which made me really feel for the characters.

I actually liked that they were instantly attracted to each other...I mean....why not?!!....It's fiction and it's a romance.