My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh My Summer with Wes is a sweet romance, beautifully told through the eyes of Malcom Small. It is a story of coming out, friendship, love and an awful lot of firsts for our beloved MC.


I loved this book, there is no angst, just an honest and true delivery of a summer of discovery for Mal, who's eyes and heart are opened by all that life, CAN be. I was swept along on this journey, looking at the world from his point of view, his voice is just perfect for the character, he is endearing and innocent, almost childlike at times with his abundance of enthusiasm and joy at the discovery of all thing's new to him..

We meet Mal, sitting on his porch reading (he does a lot of that), pondering his mundane existence, or what he calls his "Vanilla Pudding" life. Mal has nothing, everything he has done in his life so far has been about escaping from it. Escaping from the bullies who made him hate himself. Escaping from the bruises, broken bones and mental torture that he has had to endure. He hides within himself, tries to make himself invisible to the outside world, wondering WHY?....Why he has been abused all these years by thugs accusing him of being Gay? When Malcom Small was SoooOooo NOT GAY!

His Parents have no time for him, they are not the demonstrative, loving type's. He is basically ignored and left to get on with it! He wants for nothing monetary wise, but he is starved of human and physical contact. He father tells him to "man up" and his mother deals with his injuries. but not the cause or the mental trauma that comes with them.

But he had was finished and he could go to College and try to survive all over again.

We meet Wes from Mals vantage point on the porch. New neighbours have moved in across the street, they are what Mal thinks of as "Sprinkles" on his "Vanilla Pudding"....a little bit of excitement! a breath of fresh air, he is confident, good looking with a "jock" type physique and blond/brown wavy hair. also Gay....and comfortable with it. When he asks Mal, if he would like to help him work on his car, Mal feels awkward and apprehensive but that lonely place inside is desperate to say YES, YES, YES. to the very charming, with puppy dog eyes, Wes. After pointing out That he is NOT GAY, as in No. Way. Jose. Gay.....desperate for company he agrees.

It is very clever how Ms Welsh deals with Mals innocence and naivete, we as readers see everything through Mals eyes and what is glaringly obvious to us as readers.....he, is totally oblivious to. This story touched my heart in so many ways. Mal is so fragile and unworldly, overwhelmed by the simple things in life that we all take for granted as given. Wes is compassionate, he understands him and his abilities, for the first time, someone is there for him. Wes is his Friend, a Friend......his very first Friend!

The most moving piece of the book for me, had me blubbering..again! was when Mal had his epiphany, realising, he WAS Gay. It was beautiful and heart breaking as the realisation hit Mal.....ohhh, and that first kiss....His first ever kiss.....break open the tissues!

There are so many firsts in this book for Mal and I loved going through each and every one with him and Wes. They are great characters, who's individual personality's compliment each other. Their interaction has such honesty, all truth and no hidden complexities. I had a very warm and fuzzy feeling Watching Mal grow in confidence over the Summer, both in himself and with others, realising that he can be loved and love in return.

The sex was Hot! and yet another first for our virginal Mal, but once that cherry was popped, hell those hormones were raging!...I loved this quote from his inner voice "Yay me, I gave good head" it just sums up for me just how wonderfully sweet and adorable he was.

This book was recommended to me by my GR friend Kris, thank you for that Kris, I loved it. I will definitely read more books by Missy Welsh, but I have to say I WANT MORE from Mal and Wes, in fact I need more!