Hot Head - Damon Suede I want a special button to give books more than five stars!!!

I have had to really sit down and think about writing this review, as I don't know if my words could ever do this book or Damon Suede's writing justice.......and HELL YES, it really is that good. In fact it is the best m/m book I have read so far.

When he wrote this book, he must have been feeling it from the heart...I know because I felt every emotion, from raw and deep, to sweet and endearing right along with the characters, it is either ripping your heart out or you are laughing out loud!!!!. You can tell that a man wrote this book, it was true to the characters, their way of thinking, conversation structures, the language, it was all very male and masculine....real men, rough and rugged!!!!

This is the story of two best friends, Fire fighters Griff and Dante and their love and friendship that transcends from childhood. How the tragedy of 9/11 moulded and shaped their lives and how they deal with and understand their feelings for each other and the stigma in this bigoted world of being Gay.

Griff is a darling.....totally unassuming and and unaware of just how endearing and gorgeous he is at 6ft 5", cinnamon red hair, grey eyes and a peaches and cream complexion who blushes at the slightest embarrassment....Oh, and he wears a kilt....HOT!!!! Griff's mother died when he was 9 and Dante's family the Anasagio's, nutty Italian family with 6 kids, practically adopted him, as his father was always working and never had time for his only son. The Anasagio's however adored him and threw a warm blanket of love and affection over him as though he were their own.

Dante.....OMG, this man is a crazy ass, cocky, mouthy, hot headed, loose cannon with an infectious grin, a bit loose with the ladies (man whore!!!) with a hard body coiled like rope and totally not fazed by life!!! After 9/11 he is the only one left sane and in a manner that can only be Dante, puts every one back together, including his best friend. Despite outward appearances, Dante is almost child like in his need to be protected by Griff, kind of naive in a way that you just want to engulf him in your arms and give him a big hug.

As it was told from Griff's point of view, you only really get an insight to his thoughts and emotions, projected so well to the reader through out the book, that I too went through that spectrum with him, seeing the world through his eyes and believe me it was a cacophony of every single had me exhausted!!!! The confused conversations he had with himself, deliberating the fact that he might be gay and in love with his best friend had me chuckling, then there were the times When his inner voice had me jumping up and down on the spot like a child that can't get their own way shouting, 'Tell him already', 'Say something', 'WTF...Do something'.....Oh boy, I was having a right to do with him!!!!

The worst by far was when I felt like my heart was in a vice, being squeezed to the point of bursting!!! The pain in my chest was unbearable, I had snot nosed tears and was gulping for breath I was so emotionally involved in this couple they were killing me from the inside.

How many book's can you say evoke that kind of emotion?!?!