Fury of Ice - Coreene Callahan
Book 2 and another great read

I love this world with Dragonkind that Coreene Callahan has created, her style of writing is touching as well as humorous, with straight up chat and banter...oh, and plenty of male bonding. This is the second book in the series....where the Nightfury band of brothers are committed to protecting the human race, with military precision, from the evil Razorback's who are determined to exterminate that which the Nightfury's protect.

This book follows on nicely from the first and tells us the tale of Ryker, Ice Dragon and Angela, Homicide Cop.

I love, love, love Ryker he is one hot, sexy, funny, bad ass, pissed off dragon on a mission. We also see him as compassionate and endearingly patient with such a caring side to him, not only with Angela but the rest of the team, more than proving his worth as Second in Command to Bastion.

As far as female characters go, Angela is no whiny, whingy, female....oh, no...she means Business with a capitol B!!!! She is strong, tough, determined and has the heart of a warrior, something which sends Ryker to mush and leaves his heart bursting with pride for her inner strength and feisty nature......OMG, these two are made for each other.

This book does not only concentrate on the H/h...but encompasses the whole, building a picture of their world and the characters within. We get to see what those nasty Razorback's are up to in their compound, Ivar and his evil experiments and Lothaire and his nefarious actions. The capture of Forge, thought to be a Razorback and his sad tale of loss, discovery and most of all hope....I must admit, I did shed a tear or two for Forge, lost in a world he feels he does not belong......Oh and not forgetting Mac, Angela's partner. Another side story, showing a lost man having no family and finding a place to call home and Tania, Myst's friend who is beside herself with worry over her best friends disappearance.

To summarise, I.LOVE.THIS.BOOK. It has Kick ass, talon swiping, tail whipping, fang bearing action. Rescue's. Chases. Camaraderie. Humour. Heck.....I would say it is a complete smorgasbord of entertainment. Which had me cheering and waving my flag from the sidelines shouting....... 'Go Nightfury's'