Safeword Matte - Candace Blevins

Samantha is a kick ass martial arts expert at the top of her game and has the physical strength and intelligence to beat most men on the fight scene, she is also a high powered divorce attorney, battling daily in the dog eat dog world of the courtroom where she needs her mental strength to perform and out manoeuvre the opposing council.

In both cases she needs to defeat her opponent.

Sam has tried the dating game but was always left unsatisfied, wanting more. Realising that what her body craves is a man capable of beating her in a fight, someone worthy of her submission and knowing her limits without her having to direct. She vows from now on she will date only within the BDSM scene.

What Sam needs is someone to control her, dominate her both physically and mentally.

Sam goes along to a fight with her friends from the dojo and meets...Ethan Levi. Six foot five inches tall. Weighing, two hundred and seventy one pounds. Muscle on muscle. With a voice that was sexier than his body!!!!!.....Hell yes...I want me some Ethan!!!! Samantha however decides that she is not interested!!!..Is she blind!!!...Due to the fact that she made that vow!!! On a visit to a play party with her friends, who should be there? Yes you guessed....Ethan Levi. Drop dead gorgeous and a Dom to boot!!!

This story is definitely not for the faint the end of the day, Ethan is a sadist/Dom and Sam is a masochist/Submissive. This is not dark or non consensual, nor is it fluff and puff!!! They each have wants, needs and desires but they are dealt with so beautifully.

If I were into this lifestyle, I would want to have a Dom like Ethan. He is understanding, compassionate. Caring for Sams every need. Taking his time to learn and discuss everything. To fully assess what is required to give Sam her deepest desires, to know her limits whilst also outlining his own, they were both so open and honest, agreeing and developing the relationship before any sex.

This is a short read and I have rated it a such. I was totally unable to put it down once started...I thoroughly enjoyed this book and believe me when I say the sex was hot, and Ethan's voice alone had my stomach flipping and heart pounding.....there is also a nice epilogue which leaves you smiling.