Try Me - Diane Alberts Yes....I downloaded this book because of the extremely hot guy on the cover...I mean, who wouldn't want to look at that!!!...and with a title like 'Try Me' How could I resist?! I never did have much will power!!!

I have never read this author before and at the time there were no reviews, so I had nothing to go on....except the hot guy on the cover!! and when people say don't judge a book by it's cover, in this case it's a LIE.

This book was lovely, a weak word you may say to describe a book but no, not in this case, I was enchanted by the two characters and desperate for everything to work out for them. When I had finished there was a huge grin on my face and a overwhelming feeling of contentment....just LOVELY:D

Jeremy was rejected and shunned by the only two friend's he ever had and the only two people that accepted him for what he was, despite his background, all because of a malicious lie and misunderstanding on their part.

Seven years a twist of fate he ends up being on the same road at the same time as Erica. He is battered, bruised and seriously dehydrated and she is a vision of beauty, returned from the past to haunt him.

Jeremy (as the cover portrays) is one hot bad ass Marine just back from a tour of Afghanistan. He has no image of self worth and feels below Erica both socially and intellectually.....but he still loves her. He feels she will reject him again....but he still wants her. For him there has never been anyone else.

Erica despite Jeremy's confession that he still loves her and despite the fact that she has never stopped loving him....She keeps pushing him away. She is hiding something from her past which has so badly damaged her confidence she is unwilling to let anyone into her heart.

There is great chemistry between these two characters, and a lot of teasing humor and sarcasm as they slip into the comfort and knowledge of their shared past.

This is a story of a Love that transcends the test of time.

Will I read more from this author.....most definitely.

Would I recommend this book....Hell Yes!!!!