Mind Games - Carolyn Crane I now fully understand, just why this book is called 'Mind Games'!!! Hell my mind was f**cked trying to anticipate what was going to happen next.....only to be hit by another twist taking me off in a different direction!!!

It is a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it....however I was exhausted after being in Justine's mind for so long....she is totally neurotic and suffers from hypochondria and is constantly questioning herself. As this is told from her perspective and in a voice that is totally convincing, we get a true insight as to how badly it affects her day to day existence. She truly believes she is going to DIE from Vein Star Syndrome (blood vessel in you head that can burst at any moment resulting in death) which of course is what the author is trying to project to the reader and believe me she does it so well!!!!

Whilst out for a meal with her boyfriend Cubby...safe, dependable, ideal boyfriend material with not a great amount of personality...she meets Sterling Packard who offers her a miracle!!!! He assures her she is merely consumed by anxiety and he alone can take away her fears....For a price!!!

Sterling Packard...through Justine's eyes comes across as smooth, dark and oh so gorgeous and she has an instant connection to him....attraction?...lust?...something else?...she doesn't know!!!!

After much deliberation...and believe me she is good at that!!! She decides to take him up on his offer of freeing her from the nightmare that has become her life. All she has to do is join his merry band of disillusionists, all of whom have their own individual fear and anxiety, which they transfer to criminals in order to reform and rehabilitate them and bring closure to the victims!!!!

In return for this, he will pay her well and 'zing' her!!!! Sounds good!!!!.....basically, as he is a highcap (capable of special powers) he is able to absorb all of the negative emotions within her...this gets quite interesting...'cause once she has been 'zinged' she has what they call 'The Glory Hour' an intense feeling of euphoria, peace and heightened emotion.....of the good kind!!! apparently it is an exhilarating experience!!!!!

So now we have the safe boyfriend...Cubby...sexy boss...Packard!!! you would think that would be enough to interest her!!! Oh no....throw in another person of interest!!!! I did have to think to myself at one point...this girl is a bit of a floozy!!!!

This book is very well written, you really hear Justine's voice and character coming through...she is very funny, quirky and definitely feisty!! She is genuinely a good person who battles with her inner conscience when zinging her targets and transferring her fear and anxiety, even though they are criminals!!!

As this book is the first in a trilogy....it is obvious there is more to come!!! All the characters in the book are well rounded and interesting, each with thier own tale of woe. Personally....I am wanting me some more Packard...I really didn't get enough of him in this book!! It left me feeling that I wasn't sure if the good guys were bad and the bad guys were good!!! I think perhaps, they themselves were disillusioned!!!.... confused!!!!....hmmmm...you do get an ending which is OK for now.....but it is not what I want and I want more!!!

I would highly recommend this book, as I am sure there is more excitement ahead and I think I am actually starting to miss Justine...perhaps I. am neurotic!!!!