A to Z (Coda Books, #2) - Marie Sexton This is the second book in the Coda series....and just as good as the first.

This is the story of Angelo and Zach....at first, I really couldn't see these two characters together, they are both so very different and somehow seemed a million miles apart. I did think to myself 'where is she going with this'

We open with Zach, who is 34 years old with a college degree but ends up not using it and working in a video store, which he eventually buys. He has had no serious relationships in ten years and gives the impression that he is clueless and really has no interest in anything at all!!

Angelo initially comes across as a troubled, street punk kid with attitude that occasionally hangs out at the local video store.

Of course, I needn't have worried because the more I became engrossed in the book the more I could see how perfect they were for each other.

Again, as in the last book their relationship develops through friendship. Something that becomes more important to Zach when he realised what an idiot the guy he was dating was....Tom, who I could quite happily have slapped..very hard!! as Angelo wanted to do on more that one occasion!!

It was apparent through out the book that Angelo was becoming more and more attached to Zach.....falling in love, which was totally alien to him as he had been on his own all of his adult life, no relationships to speak of and before that being fostered to various homes, having a mother that had abandoned him.

Zach was totally oblivious to the chemistry developing between them, He wanted to spend all of his time with Angelo, loved him working in the store as he was great with the customers and at the job, having an endless knowledge of films. Something that despite Zach being the owner new nothing!!!

When Zach at last has his epiphany and realises that he is in love with Angelo it all seems so perfect....But of course it wouldn't be such a good book if there weren't issues that need to be resolved before they have a HEA.....don't you just love romance novels?!

The relationship between Zach and Angelo was touching, both finding something in the other that had always been missing from their lives. I loved how it all connected back to Coda and I look forward to the next book in the series.