Promises - Marie Sexton Great book.......It's a love story about two really lovely, although both lonely men, one openly gay and one who is really not sure about his sexuality........but he's 'Definitely not GAY'??!!

Jared, after gaining his degree in college returns to run the family store with his sister in-law in the small town of Coda. He has learned to live with being ostracized by some of the community for his sexuality.

Then one day in walks Matt, the new Police Officer in Coda.

What is refreshing about this book is how their relationship develops through months of genuine the point where they both hate being apart. The character development is such that I felt I was there with them, dealing with their inner turmoil and the stigma of being gay in a small town, (friends, family, careers).

I will definitely be reading the next in the series:)