The Strength of a Gamma - Kim Dare At first I wasn't quite sure about this book, I think perhaps that it was because the Mark of an Alpha (Pack Discipline#1) was about two strong Alphas trying to accept their roles not only in a mating but in their D/s relationship.

However this book (as described in the title) centers around two Gammas, already having submissive roles within the pack, finding the strength to love each other as well as dealing with and discovering their roles in a D/s relationship.

Steffan is a softhearted gentle giant who's total purpose in life is to see his best friend happy........and is certain the only way this can be achieved is through a mating with a Beta, which he unselfishly tries to manipulate.

Francis on the other hand is very protective of Steffan's gentle, non threatening behavior despite the fact that his friend is huge in comparison to his small wiry frame.

The obvious love they have for each other gained from years of friendship is really at the heart of this book and I certainly finished it with a warm fuzzy feeling that they not only found there place with each other but within the pack as a whole.

I will definitely read the 3rd installment even though I wasn't keen on Gunnar in this book.