On The Dock

On The Dock - Kade Boehme Wonderful... a tale that will touch your heart, make you smile and move you to tears!


This short story was recommended to me by a friend... THANK YOU MONIKA! It was free and I had no idea what it was about, I just downloaded and started to read... WOW! So much packed into just a few pages!

The first read, I was just blown away... this short story is so beautifully narrated by Erik, poignant in it's delivery with his voice so clear in his gentle drawl I was mesmerised! I had no expectations but it was a story that touched my heart in such a way that I was moved to tears. I don't want to tell you what happens as personally I think it will spoil this heart warming tale and your experience of it, but what I would like to tell you is how it made me feel.

On the second read, I was ready... I wrapped a warm blanket around me and sat on the dock with Erik both enthralled and engrossed, listening to the comforting tone of his charming Southern drawl. I smile at his open and honest view of life as he tells his tale, you see Erik has no expectations from life, he is happy and accepting, not in the least bit bitter or sad at what life has thrown at him. I sit there in awe at his strength of character and his true commitment to those he loves, Erik is one of life's kind and gentle souls and as I sit with my heart busting with emotion and silent tears running down my cheeks, I reflect on how this book has affected me.... and I smile!

Grab a coffee and download, it's free! Don't read the blurb... just do it!

Kade Boehme is a new author and if this is a taster of more to come... I can't wait...

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