Invisible - Jeff Erno Invisible... Is a window into a child's view of the world as a victim... It may be short, but the message is profound! 14 pages that will have you sobbing your heart out...


Jeff Erno has given us more in this short than some authors try to achieve in a full length novel. He gets into your head and evokes such powerful emotions through his excellent command of language and lyrical prose, it is just beautiful yet at the same time heartbreaking as you sit and absorbe the words and their meaning.

The vessel for this talent is a 15 year old boy... Chase Alexander Devereaux!

Chase yearns and dreams of Not being the child that he is... you see Chase... is Gay with all the nuances and mannerisms that go with it, he has never been masculine and has absolutely no aptitude towards sport... and this makes him Different!

As a victim of bullying, you feel you are at fault, as though you deserve the unwanted attention, that somehow you are broken for all to see and you deserve to be treated badly, it is a traumatic and lonely existence but you accept it as per the norm!

Bully's live off fear... they breath it in and it sustain's them. Empowers them. Not only do they physically abuse but they also torment their victims by their presence alone... no words, no look or glance needed to render their victim's helpless. Chase lives with the anxiety, pain, desperation and sadness of it all daily... and he just wants to be... Invisible!

I made my 17 year old son read this story... he is not Gay and he thankfully is not victim of bullying. He is however an advocate in his school that stands against it... I found him later in tears!

This story is immensely powerful... I think it should be part of the National curriculum for all children between the age of 14 and 18.

Read it... it will move you to tears.

This is a free read on Jeff Erno's website

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Thank you Awilk for bringing this little gem to my attention...