Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1)

Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1) - Dani Alexander The writing is brilliant. The story riveting. The characters captivating.. What we are blessed with is a truly wonderful novel and a sheer delight to read ~ no matter the cost, this book is a gift and I thank you Dani Alexander for sharing it with us...


This is the funniest book I have read this year, (crying laughing and totally in love with Austin) Your humour Dani is so seamlessly woven throughout the fabric of the book - and incorporates the romance and the crime thriller combined. This isn't a romance with a little action, or a thriller with a sprinkling of passion... it is simply the whole package, perfectly put together, with an epilogue that leaves us salivating for the next instalment... *wink* *wink*

My review would never do justice to this book, it really is one of those you have to read to experience, to understand what a truly fabulous read it is. A friend of mine recently accused me of writing novella length reviews - If I put into words the wonders contained within, never mind the copious amounts of quotes I highlighted... this would be novel length! So I will endeavour to keep it short!!

We meet Austin in a dingy dinner... Dazed and in a trance, totally captivated by the vision before him, like a diamond in the sky this boy before him shone so bright he was transfixed by his beauty.

"Blue eyes. No, not just blue, blue like glacial waters, like poems, like heavens and moonstones. Cornflower blue. And...

Blue like romantic poems? What the ever-living fuck?

Model beautiful, thick red hair and freckles, lots of piercing's, tattoos... Oh, and not forgetting the blue eyes!! This was the bus boy - and he was wearing bunny slippers!?!


Austin doesn't know this boy, has never seen him before... he is confused, perplexed and having a major identity crisis! He couldn't understand how he could be having sexual thoughts and feelings for a MAN!... after all "he was NOT gay" So Austin does the only sensible thing he could think of - he ask's his friends!?! Then comes to the the lightbulb conclusion that it really isn't his fault... Oh no. It was Bunny slippers - he made him gay... there was no other explanation!?!

Austin Glass is outrageously honest, to the point where most would think he is either joking or very rude, when in fact, he is just speaking his mind!... it's as though the words come tumbling out before his brain engages and there is a child like innocence behind his reasoning! His life is a dilemma... and like a petulant child he needs attention and he will stamp his feet 'till he gets it! Austin may be 26 years old but... he has the mental age of a hormonal teenager! Selfish in his opinions and no diplomacy skills WHATSOEVER!

In the middle of all the shenanigans with Bunny slippers, Austin is investigating a human trafficking operation. So when the object of his obsession is thrown into the frame... his emotions are torn between trust and accusation and tossed back and forth between hope and despair!

Bunny Slippers, does have a name... Peter Cotton or Rabbit as he is affectionately know as by his brothers Cai and Darryl. They are his life and reason for living, their welfare is paramount - especially Cai, who at 16 suffers from bipolar and depends on both Peter and Darryl, who in turn prostitute themselves to care for him... and, just to survive!

The banter between Peter and Austin is hysterical... real laugh out loud funny! Peter keeps trying to push Austin away at every opportunity, emotionally distancing himself, but even open hostility is no deterrent for Austin.... He WANTS Peter. His body knows it and now even his mind is embracing it. YES!... he IS gay!

The relationship between Austin and Peter is a slow burner... with all the baggage Peter carries, he is stoically guarding himself from pain and any attraction... with his first responsibility to Cai. He is attracted to Austin but uses sex to avoid any emotional issues, where Austin just uses his humour to deflect his fixation for the object of his devotion... Peter! Austin also has to deal with issues from his past, his father is a complete bastard and bigot as was his Grandfather, his mother is AWOL in Europe and has been for years and he is supposed to be getting married in 8 weeks!... oh, and to top it all off he also has a commitment phobia!

Where Austin's life is an open book for all the world to see, and he is quite happy to let them, Peters life is hidden beneath complex layers. These layers are slowly peeled away, cleverly only allowing us to see glimpses of the man beneath and the turbulent and traumatic journey that brought him and his brothers into to Austin's world and the holy mess they now find themselves in. Peter might be a whore with steely resolve, but tiny sparks of emotion peak out of the cracks and give Austin hope... as he also sees the compassionate and strong man who cares for his brother... the man with a good heart!

This book is not all fun and games with Austin and Peter, they find themselves caught up in the investigation, there is murder, drugs and a plethora of other vices turning all their lives upside down. There are a whole host of characters in this book all of them well developed and smoothly integrated in to the tale.

Peters brother Cai is such a great character, I believe he deserves a mention... especially when the next book is focusing on him. He has a very damaged past and suffers with his bipolar, however the beauty and innocence of his heart glare at you through the pages, he is just so cute and expressive only wanting to please and I just wanted to delve in there and give him a hug!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dani Alexander for letting us enjoy this novel through the eyes of Austin Glass... being in his mind with all of his inner musings, turmoil's, confusions and epiphanies was a joy. I am sure I now have permanent wrinkles from the constant grin on my face throughout this book. I was as captivated and enthralled by him... as he was with Bunny Slippers!

This is an excellent book... please do not wait to read it as I did! It is a true gem... read it now!

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