Imprinted - Darcy Sweet PWP ~ with barely a sizzle for me!...

There is one thing I love about reading and writing reviews... we as readers are all individuals - even with common ground and a passion for the same genre we can differ in opinions... I can sometimes read reviews and wonder if the readers have read the same book... as the interpretation, the way they felt or even the visualization can be poles apart. I too have found myself in this situation and none more so than with this book!

I have tried to analyze the reasons but have come up empty... other than, as readers - we are a fickle bunch!

This is a book of seduction, voyeurism and sexual exploration involving Jacob, a 20 year old student who's kinks and desires are awakened by a couple fully aware of their own. For Jacob this is a revelation... an experience even 15 years later is still fueling his sexual fantasies.

This is most definitely a Porn Without Plot read, something I am not averse to. Ohhh, I hold my hands up and admit I am right up there with all my pervy friends loving my smut - Erotic being the main course of my dietary needs, but on this occasion the lack of plot did not captivate me, even at a baser level.

In my opinion the characters were flat, totally one dimensional and with the main substance of the book being sex and the author unable to endear me to the characters with their personalities... not a tummy flutter of excitement did I have, even with the D/s games played. I also tried re-reading paragraphs thinking I was possibly missing something... but to no avail!

I am not a DNF girl, always the optimist hoping for a spark to ignite which did not happen. I have pondered the issue of this book being an m-m-f book, as I am strictly an m-m reader... could this be the possible reason for my lack of enthusiasm? Surely there would have been a connection with the 2 male MC's then!?!

There are many great reviews for this book and if you enjoy PWP then this would be a book for you but sadly not for me!