Galway Bound - Heidi Belleau,  Violetta Vane ~ If you have read The Druids Stone ~ this is a must read ~ this is hot ~ this is what we wanted ~


I was so excited about this short, (basically a PWP - porn without plot) which seems a bit daft really, for a book which consists of 32 pages! But. If you have read The Druids Stone and have had the pleasure of meeting Sean and Cormac - you will be only too aware of the abundance of sizzling sexual tension that was so blatantly conspicuous in this wonderful tale. The sex scenes in TDS were in no way, a disappointment, but beneath Cormac's Irish charm there was a promise of a darker side with a hint of interest from our sweet and naive Sean, which was never explored.

Well..... a year on, settled and comfortable in the relationship, Cormac decides a weekend away in Galway for their anniversary, is just what they need to spice things up a bit...Mmmmm, that man is so naughty! Cormac's idea of "spice things up" is a little BDSM in the bedroom, not as a lifestyle, but a kink, that they can both enjoy and although Sean, bless him - his blushes so endearing, is somewhat embarrassed to admit that he wants to be tied up, he is not however in the least bit hesitant to agree!

Arriving in Galway, Sean had me laughing - he was just like a child on Christmas morning, buzzing with anticipation, desperate to get to the Hotel, but too shy, awkward and self concious to ask outright. Cormac of course was knowingly enjoying the thrill of keeping Sean waiting, leisurely teasing Sean to the point of desperation!

What follows is nothing short of intense. The World outside was lost to them, both oblivious to everything, so focused, only aware of their carnal desires and hunger for each other, with only Cormac's voice - powerful, firm, yet a mere whisper in Sean's ear..... Ahhh *sigh*

I am a huge fan of the writing of Ms. Belleau and Ms. Vane, and although this is not a novel, but an extra as it were to The Druids Stone, their words still painted a very vivid picture. Water mister and fan were at hand!

Personally I would not recommend this as a stand alone but it is a MUST for those who, like me fell in love with Cormac and Sean. I loved this short story and I am looking forward to more from this series ~ Layers of the Other World

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