The Gladiator's Master

The Gladiator's Master - Fae Sutherland,  Marguerite Labbe EXCELLENT.......This is a great read

If you pick up a book and cannot put it down until finished, you are onto a good thing...and this is not a short read!!!!

If you like m/m romance...that gets your heart pounding, hands sweating, leaves you holding your breath for so long you are in danger of suffering from hypoxia....where you experience such depths of emotion that you are sure your chest will explode with the sadness and your head will come off with anger and frustration.....


The two main characters in this book are at opposite ends of the scale both socially and emotionally.

Caelius...Dominus/Master inherits a villa with Gladiators who are dirty, starving and malnourished of which one is Gaidres...Slave/Gladiator who was captured by Romans when his village was destroyed and his lover murdered, leaving him alone and with nothing to live for.

Caelius is a visionary who is both tender and compassionate, with great character and responsibility, he sees a world full of peace where men are free and happy.

Gaidres...Strong, sexy, hard body with rippling muscles slick with sweat springs to mind!!!!.....he is a sensual predator with dark passions who is bitter and wants nothing but revenge, the world to him is full of hate and anger.

This book builds in intensity, it has action, suspense, romance which is sensual, full of passion and desire and is fraught with conflicting emotions. Together they are awe-inspiring.....just beautiful.

As you can gather...I loved this book.

I have not previously read either of these author....but be assured I will now be devouring every word they have written.

This book is Highly recommended