Hot Vampire Seduction (Vampire Wardens, #2)

Hot Vampire Seduction - Lisa Renee Jones This is the second novella in a trilogy of three brothers saved from death by Marcus, Head Warden to the Vampire Council and then enlisted as Wardens under his control to track down and kill rogue vampires.

This is the story of Aiden and Kelly. Kelly is a coroner, but fancies herself as a detective when women are being found dead with drugs in their system and drained of blood. Aiden posing as an FBI agent goes to Kelly for information he needs in hunting for the werewolf he believes is responsible for the murders.....and as in any good erotic paranormal romance, when he meets Kelly he realises that it is more than information he is wanting from Kelly!!!!

This is a novella, so it is short.....but I have to say despite this there is plenty of action, romance,sex and enough background information to keep you interested and wanting more especially as they are still on the hunt for the rogue werewolf.

Troy, the youngest brother is next and there is a lot in his past that we have only had glimpses of, and I cant wait for that to be elaborated on.

I will say if you are reading this on kindle, when you open the book it will come up at 6%. You need to back up a few pages to the beginning as there is background information on the brothers and how they became vampires, which without you may get a little lost!!!!