Savor the Danger (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #3)

Savor the Danger (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, #3) - Lori Foster This book has been my favourite of the series so far, it has the usual action, it was sexy and funny......I had some real LOL moments whilst reading this, especially at Alaini's expense as she has to deal with an overwhelming amount of embarrassment whilst recounting the bedroom antics of the night they spent together, of which Jackson has no memory. You can actually feel her squirm as straight talking Jackson enthuses whilst desperately trying to pry every last detail he is unable to remember......totally devastated that he has no memory of the encounter/s especially as he has been determined to get her between the sheets for some time.

I like Alani's character, she might be young and inexperienced but she takes no nonsense from Jackson and is strong and independent in her own right.........and OH BOY........Jackson, he is one hot, hot male Alpha STUD......he is insatiable........and I love it!!!!

Their love for each other is obvious throughout the book...but of course there needs to be some angst. So throw in some insecurities about the relationship on both sides, a baddie or two an overprotective brother....and two romantic interests who are set up nicely for the next book and you have a great story.

Talking of future books........Chris is adorable, he so deserves a HEA and don't we know how en trend it is at the mo for an m/m romance???!!